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It is said that the plan of the year lies in spring. In fact, spring is also a good time for decoration. So what are the benefits of spring decoration? The editor will list them one by one for you

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the climate is dry and suitable for construction

the climatic conditions in spring are suitable to control the moisture content of wood materials within 13%. If the moisture content of general wood exceeds this ratio, the change of thermal expansion and cold contraction is obvious, which affects the construction quality. In addition, the dry climate in spring is conducive to shortening the construction period. The weather is warm, windows can be opened for ventilation, and the paint dries quickly. The construction period of painting three times can be shortened by threeorfour days compared with summer construction

decoration after the housing Festival at the end of the year

many real estate projects are delivered at the end of the year. At this time, people get the keys to their new houses, and of course, they want to decorate as soon as possible. January and February are the lightest seasons in the decoration market. On the one hand, the weather is cold, which is not conducive to construction. On the other hand, workers are looking forward to returning home for the Spring Festival and have no intention to start work, so a large number of decoration projects have been accumulated during the Spring Festival

workers are full of energy after the holiday

most of the construction workers and material dealers in the decoration industry are outsiders, and they tend to be distracted by the Spring Festival. When they return home for the Spring Festival to reunite with their relatives, they are full of energy to put into new work

the light and peak seasons are becoming increasingly blurred

the Spring Festival is the off-season for decoration, while spring is the peak season for decoration. However, some building materials markets are in dislocation competition, and they are also open as usual during the Spring Festival. Because building materials products continue to come out new, the decoration is less and less affected by the change of climate and humidity, and the requirements for the time of home decoration are weakened. The light and peak season of home decoration is no longer obvious





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