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2014 is about to pass. For wardrobe enterprises, this year has passed unusually. One after another events dissipated in a time that caught people off guard. The downturn in the market also made enterprises constantly grope in reflection

2014 is about to pass. For wardrobe enterprises, it has been an unusual year. One after another events dissipated in an unexpected time, and the downturn in the market also made enterprises constantly grope in reflection. Next, federal Gordon will review the major events in the wardrobe industry in 2014

1. On January 14, Google purchased and produced intelligent thermostats for $3.2 billion, taking the lead in lighting the first "fire" of smart home; Subsequently, Samsung, Microsoft, apple and domestic technology giants including Alibaba, Baidu, Xiaomi and Haier also successively seized this market through mergers and acquisitions or research and development of new products, and launched their own smart home products. A hurricane of smart home swept the world

at present, almost everyone yearns for a "tall and high" quality life. As the smart home market becomes increasingly hot, wardrobe manufacturers naturally do not want to miss this good business opportunity and begin to embark on the road of intelligence. However, according to the actual situation of the market, on the one hand, the merchants are "hot, busy and ready to do a big job", and on the other hand, the consumers have the attitude of "looking far and not playing with it". Therefore, it seems that it will take time for the intelligent wardrobe to be finally implemented

2. On February 7, the State Council announced its decision to merge the new rural social endowment insurance and the social endowment insurance for urban residents, and establish a unified national basic endowment insurance system for urban and rural residents. This policy plays a strong role in promoting the construction of urbanization. For the wardrobe industry, it will be a good development opportunity to sink the channel to the third and fourth tier cities

with the gradual explosion of consumption potential in third and fourth tier cities and the increasing saturation of the original market, especially this year, the wardrobe industry has been proposing the development idea of "channel sinking", and federal Gordon has also achieved good results by implementing this idea




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