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The room has been decorated for more than 3 years, and the formaldehyde of the floor known as "green and environmental protection" still exceeds the standard

Qiaokou branch of Wuhan Administration for Industry and Commerce recently announced that 18 batches of wood flooring in Hanxi third road plate market were inspected, and 6 batches were unqualified. Formaldehyde exceeding the standard was the main problem, and some exceeded the standard by 1.67 times

1 ton of low-quality glue 600 kg of formaldehyde

in the past 10 years, the plate industry has increased at a rate of 10% every year, but problems are common. It is reported that this market is the largest plate trading market in Wuhan, with more than 200 plate merchants. Last year, there were more than 230 complaints about the board in this market, and 60% pointed to the excessive formaldehyde on the floor

recently, Qiaokou branch of industry and Commerce announced the results of the spot check and held a knowledge popularization activity on the identification of true and false floors. Mr. Ding, a rabbit baby decoration new material company, stood up and revealed the dark scenes of a few unscrupulous businessmen

Mr. Ding took out a piece of inferior floor, which felt sticky and had a pungent smell

he said that a few manufacturers use leftovers to piece up BLOCKBOARDS. Because there is a large gap between these boards, they fill the gap with a large amount of sawdust, glue it with inferior glue, and then lay a layer of veneer. This kind of glue is urea formaldehyde glue. 600 kg of formaldehyde is used to boil 1 ton of urea formaldehyde glue. The pungent smell is the formaldehyde from the glue, which cannot be completely volatilized within 3 to 10 years after decoration

fake certificates raise their own prices, fake goods steal beams and exchange columns

Mr. Yu, who has been in the flooring business for many years, disclosed that some floors buy fake certificates to raise their own prices, and steal beams and exchange columns during installation. Taking laminate flooring as an example, the prices of various types in this market vary greatly, some require more than 100 yuan/㎡, and some require more than 30 yuan/㎡

Mr. Yu said that he often received calls selling certificates, including "famous brand products", "well-known trademarks", "green environmental protection" and other certificates, with prices ranging from 100 yuan to 1000 yuan. In order to improve the rental rate of berths, some home shopping malls do not review the production qualification of floors

according to Ren Shubing of hanjiadun industrial and commercial office in Qiaokou District, in some large shopping malls, when consumers look at the goods, the dealers take the authentic goods of the original factory, but after signing the bill, they will find a local small processing factory, using inferior materials as good ones, and then marking the same trademark

recently, Hubei board industry integrity alliance was established, with 53 board enterprises, decoration companies and board sales enterprises joining. All enterprises will be punished twice the value of commodities if they invest 10000 yuan of integrity deposit

how to choose and buy environmentally friendly floors

in China, the formaldehyde emission of floors is subject to mandatory environmental protection standards (E1 standard: formaldehyde emission ≤ 1.5mg/l), which can be directly used indoors. There is no concept of E0 level in the national standard, so consumers should be careful not to mislead the concept of E0 when purchasing

when shopping, you can cut a new section of the wooden floor, smell and look carefully. If there is a pungent taste or dazzling feeling, it must be an unqualified product with excessive formaldehyde, otherwise it is an environmental protection product

or soak the top of a small sample in boiling water for 1-3 minutes to see if there is a pungent smell




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