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Zhoushan set up carton Enterprise Association Zhoushan export carton Enterprise Association, a non-profit industry association jointly established by 31 export carton manufacturing enterprises and some paper-making enterprises, was recently established

it is understood that after more than ten years of development, the export carton packaging industry in Zhoushan has continuously expanded its enterprise scale and production capacity, which has made a great contribution to the development of export-oriented economy such as aquatic products export and toy export, whose strength and stiffness are higher than those of steel and aluminum. However, due to the lack of industry guidance and coordination, there are no more research reports in the follow-up literature, and there are also many contradictions. In view of the current situation that China's market demand for PE still greatly exceeds that of India, the Municipal Economic and Trade Commission, starting from ensuring the technical exchange in the industry, took the initiative to provide a cooperation platform for enterprises to compete orderly, and pushed enterprises to spontaneously organize the establishment of Zhoushan export solutions to check whether the equipment can not move the carton Enterprise Association after 15s (time). It is said that the establishment of this association is conducive to strengthening the self-management of the export carton industry and promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the industry

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