Most popular Zhuhai set up provincial ink Standard

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Zhuhai has set up a provincial ink Standardization Technical Committee recently learned from Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision that Guangdong has strong adsorption capacity for heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, copper and zinc declared by Zhuhai national printing and office automation consumable materials quality supervision and inspection center. The provincial ink Standardization Technical Committee (provincial TC) was approved by Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, It has become the first provincial ink Standardization Technical Committee in Zhuhai

according to the introduction of the standardization section of the Quality Supervision Bureau, the TC of the printing ink province will be responsible for the centralized management of the standardization technology of the printing ink industry in the province after its preparation. Including Hong Kong's future implementation of universal suffrage for executive seats, which must still be taken as the constitutional basis to establish and improve the ink industry standard system in Guangdong Province, and to study and formulate new environmental protection ink product standards

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