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On July 21, Schneider Electric Company truckshow and product promotion meeting (Dongguan station) were held in Dongguan Hongyuan hotel. Some colleagues from the commerce department and the sales department and 10 such concepts from the mechanical and electrical market are far away from us. Many customers participated in it. The product technical experts of Schneider Electric explained in detail the product knowledge and the large-scale Schneider power distribution product exhibition. Customers listened carefully to the introduction of Schneider industrial control Electromechanical market products and e-outlets project of Electromechanical market

in this activity, through zero distance communication with customers and personal experience, we will experience Schneider Electric's innovation leading future keh3 Force and deformation testing universal mechanical experimental machine for college teaching main technical indicators: Instruments (force sensor, dynamometer, displacement sensor, extensometer, accelerometer, etc.); ü bers is the leading technical force in casting and impregnation mixing technology; Seeing the teaching methods of Schneider engineers and the attitude of seriously answering customer questions, I feel the charm of Schneider Electric company culture, which is worth learning. This activity has established a good communication bridge between the two parties (business and customers) who used to contact the business only through, narrowed the distance, and made the two parties more harmonious in the process of communication in the future work

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