The world's first sharing green rubber mixing Cent

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The world's first "shared" green rubber mixing Center settled in Pingdu

the world's first "shared" green rubber mixing Center settled in Pingdu

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on November 26, Shuangxing, Pingdu rubber chamber of Commerce and Qihang jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the "shared" green rubber mixing center project at Pingdu citizen service center, The world's first "shared" green rubber mixing center will be built in the polymer material industrial park in Mingcun Town, Pingdu City to jointly develop high-performance, low-energy and pollution-free green rubber materials. After the project is completed and put into operation, it will further promote Qingdao to "break through the Pingdu Laixi offensive", give full play to the aggregation effect of regional industries and improve the level of regional development

Pingdu is the widest development hinterland and advanced manufacturing base in the north of Qingdao. It shoulders the important task of building the living room of the group meeting in Weicheng city and the bridgehead of Qingdao radiating and driving the integrated development of the peninsula. The rubber tire industry is a characteristic industry of Pingdu. The "sharing" green rubber refining center project is a concrete embodiment of the development concept of actively implementing General Secretary Xi's "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver". In 1850, German a.wn1ler (Waller) designed the first fatigue testing machine for locomotive axles (also known as a. Valery fatigue testing machine) to carry out the fatigue testing mountain for full-scale Locomotive Axles "and" breaking through the Pingdu Lacey offensive ". Secretary wangqingxian has repeatedly emphasized "using platform thinking for development multiplication and using ecological thinking to optimize the development environment". Taking advantage of the technical advantages, equipment and purchasing capacity of Shuangxing, integrating the existing rubber demand resources of Pingdu and Qihang shareholders, and establishing a rubber "shared factory" will certainly help the high-speed and high-quality development of Pingdu chemical rubber industry

Shuangxing is a state-owned enterprise with a history of 99 years. In 2008, it switched to the tire industry. Since 2014, with "smart transformation" as the main line, Shuangxing has closed all old factories, eliminated more than 90% of backward production capacity, and built the first full process "industry 4.0" intelligent chemical plant and international leading laboratory in the global tire industry. At the same time, it has cultivated three new industries: intelligent equipment, industrial robots (including intelligent logistics) and waste rubber and plastic recycling. On january16,2020, Shuangxing launched a new journey of "three startups and creating a world-class enterprise". Focusing on the three industries of rubber tires, artificial intelligence and high-end equipment, and recycling of waste rubber and plastics, Shuangxing implemented the "three intelligences and one innovation" strategy of smart ecology, smart tires, smart equipment, and new environmental protection materials, and built Shuangxing into a world-class enterprise with science, technology, times, and wisdom as soon as possible. It optimized and upgraded to build Maozhan, Zhenhai Four major refining and chemical bases in Shanghai and Nanjing

Pingdu Rubber Industry Chamber of Commerce was established in 2003 and has played an important role in strengthening industry self-discipline, promoting transformation and upgrading and brand cultivation. Qihang United is a joint venture company led by Pingdu Rubber Industry Chamber of Commerce and spontaneously established by 17 tire backbone enterprises and shareholders. It has advanced environmental awareness and strong market and resource advantages

the two sides jointly build a "shared" green rubber mixing center project, which will give full play to the scale and application advantages of the two stars and Qihang in the field of green rubber materials, the whole industry chain, intelligent manufacturing, etc., promote the transformation and upgrading of Pingdu's rubber industry and the rapid development of advanced manufacturing industry, realize the industrial development strategy of building a vibrant and healthy city through complementary advantages and win-win cooperation, and improve the regional development level

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