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Ten trends will appear in China's pharmaceutical circulation industry

at the Symposium on the development of the pharmaceutical industry held in Lanzhou not long ago, relevant experts conducted an in-depth discussion on the current situation in the field of pharmaceutical circulation. Experts believe that after China's accession to the WTO, there will be ten trends in the pharmaceutical circulation industry:

first, the earlier the circulation link will be, the more important it will be for electronic tensile machines to have pointers and chart recorders. Pharmaceutical distributors will not be cancelled because of the development of network and electronic communication technology. On the contrary, they will become more and more important

second, the profit sources of circulation enterprises will change fundamentally. At present, the profits of pharmaceutical distributors are mainly based on the purchase price, increasing the price in proportion, and taking the price difference as the main source of profits. In the future, the profits of pharmaceutical distributors will gradually be transformed into discounts and commissions from pharmaceutical manufacturers

third, wholesalers will gradually become agents, and the agent distribution system will become the main way to ensure the accurate and effective communication of measured data

IV. The gross profit margin of pharmaceutical circulation continues to decline. China's drugs have been greatly reduced for many times, and the profit of about 13billion yuan has evaporated invisibly. The comprehensive profit margin has fallen to about 8%, and it is likely to continue to decline in the future, even to zero profit

v. the scale of pharmaceutical circulation enterprises will become larger and larger, and small enterprises will gradually disappear through bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions, reorganization and other means

VI. service level will become an important determinant of competition. At present, the main means of competition among pharmaceutical circulation enterprises is still price. In the future, the competition will be in the service that has an impact on the quality of concrete. The competition of pharmaceutical circulation enterprises will be mainly reflected in the aspects of service, convenience, quality and price. Service will be ranked first and price means will be ranked last

VII. The means of distribution will be more and more modern, and will be electronic and information-based

VIII. The project plans to use the plant site and infrastructure under the construction of the former Yunnan Hongya aluminum industry. The number of enterprises will be greatly reduced, and the distribution capacity of a single enterprise will become very strong and complete

IX. the three parties of pharmaceutical production, supply and use will form an increasingly close alliance

X. talent competition will become increasingly fierce

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