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Temporary management measures for recycling and reuse of packaging resources

in order to promote the implementation of the "green packaging project" for the sustainable development of China's national economy, and even eliminate the harm caused by packaging waste, especially "white pollution", the "temporary management measures for recycling and reuse of packaging resources, so this event is not the reason for the change of name"

this method stipulates the management principles of the recycling of paper, wood, plastic, metal, glass and other packaging waste: the principle of conservation, the principle of safety, the principle of anti fake, the principle of management, and also stipulates its recycling channels, recycling methods, classification principles, storage and transportation, recycling varieties, reuse technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging waste treatment and reward and punishment principles

"Interim Measures for the recycling and utilization of packaging resources" stipulates that the types of recycled and reused packaging include: paper packaging (i.e. corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, paper splints, all kinds of paper bags, all kinds of cartons, paper paddle molded products, honeycomb cardboard products, paper trays, etc.), wood packaging (i.e. ordinary wooden boxes, frame wooden boxes, plywood boxes, fiberboard boxes, transportation packaging wooden trays, etc.), Plastic packaging (according to the requirements of the catalogue of compulsory recycling of waste plastic products formulated, adjusted and published by the competent administrative department of environmental protection under the State Council, all plastic packaging or containers listed in the recycling catalogue can be recycled; those not listed in the recycling catalogue are forbidden to be recycled and are treated according to the method of packaging waste), metal packaging (i.e. steel sheet barrels, galvanized iron barrels, aluminum barrels, iron plastic composite barrels, etc.), Glass packaging (i.e. all kinds of glass wine bottles, beverage bottles, cans, medicine bottles, etc.)

the methods are: reuse by the original factory, that is, provide the original commodity manufacturer with the packaging that is intact or damaged, but can be reused after repair; Substitute from other factories, that is, the recycled packaging temporarily not used by the original manufacturer can be used by different factories through trial assembly and package; Use recycled packaging as raw materials to reform other products, so that waste can be used, one thing can be used for multiple purposes, and waste can be turned into treasure. At the same time, it can also regenerate raw products, that is, using recycled packaging as raw materials to produce packaging products of the same or different specifications; Energy recovery refers to the full utilization of the heat energy generated by the incineration of packaging waste

the treatment principle of packaging waste is: in order to strengthen the treatment of packaging waste, all large and medium-sized cities across the country should establish special recycling and treatment institutions and relevant enterprises to obtain new development. When dealing with general packaging waste, it should be separated and managed according to its nature, implement the principle of saving resources, and try to make comprehensive utilization or recycle as much as possible. If it is really impossible to use, it should be handed over to a special recycling and treatment organization for final treatment. The treatment of packaging waste should be timely and comply with the relevant provisions of China and even the international environmental protection. For the storage, transportation and treatment of packaging waste, hazardous packaging waste and harmless packaging waste should be separated and treated in strict accordance with their respective technical requirements. During the storage, transportation and treatment of packaging wastes, effective protective measures should be taken according to their different properties to ensure the safety of operators and prevent accidents or other hazards

the concrete pressure testing machine measures and judges the performance parameters of concrete according to the national standard gb/t50081 (2) 002 "standard for experimental methods of mechanical properties of ordinary concrete". The technical requirements are: non toxic packaging waste can be incinerated. Packaging waste contaminated by explosives shall be incinerated or landfilled after the explosives are eliminated. Hazardous packaging waste shall be clearly marked during stacking, transportation and treatment. Packaging waste containing pesticides or other toxic substances can only be landfilled without harmless treatment. Special sites and facilities shall be used for the stacking, transportation and treatment of packaging to prevent rain, humidity, mildew, leakage, flying, leakage, odor and pollution

in addition, the Measures stipulate that the recycled packaging resources should be well stored, cleaned, classified, sorted and packaged to avoid rain, exposure, moisture, moths and pollution; The packaging of dangerous goods shall be stored and transported separately. Degradable plastic packaging products and non degradable plastic packaging products should also be stored and transported separately; Vehicles transporting recycled packages should be kept clean

letter HRA: it is the hardness obtained by using 60kg load and diamond cone indenter. Source: China's industrial economic information

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