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The prosperity and development of publishing and printing must speed up international cooperation

on April 17, local time, the China UK Language Education Publishing Forum, one of the four publishing professional forums of the guest of honor activities of the London book fair market focus, was held. Around how to promote the development and international cooperation of Chinese and English language education publishing industry, more than 150 Chinese and English publishers conducted in-depth discussions. Wu Shulin, deputy director general of the General Administration of publications, and Martin Davidson, chief executive of the British Council, delivered keynote speeches and had in-depth discussions and exchanges with guests on issues related to Chinese and English language education and publishing. Xu Lin, director of Hanban, and Katherine Watt, chairman of the English Education Advisory Committee of the British Council, presided over the forum

Wu Shulin pointed out that language education publishing has always played an important fundamental role in promoting international cultural exchanges and is an important part of international cultural exchanges. Referring to the current publication of English textbooks and textbooks for teaching Chinese as a foreign language in China, Wu Shulin pointed out that Chinese and English are the two most important languages in the world today. Now, China has become the largest English education publishing market in the world in front of the supplier's real product booth. According to statistics, nearly 45648 English learning related books were published in China from 2009 to 2011 alone. At the same time, the popularity of Chinese around the world has also begun to heat up. More than 120 Chinese publishing houses have published a large number of international Chinese textbooks and cultural auxiliary readings. From 2005 to 2009, the published varieties increased from more than 1500 to more than 6000, and more than 12 million copies have been sold and given away, which are used by more than 40000 universities and more than 5 million mainstream primary and secondary schools in 136 countries and regions around the world

Wu Shulin put forward four suggestions on further strengthening international exchanges and cooperation and jointly promoting the development of Chinese and English language education publishing industry. First, strengthen international cooperation in the compilation of teaching materials. We should pay more attention to the international cooperation of international language education textbooks, pay more attention to the internationalization and localization of writers, pay more attention to the innovation of content and form, and strive to compile quality textbooks that are more applicable and can better meet the needs of diverse language learning. Second, strengthen international cooperation in the application of new technologies. The application of information technology represented by Internet is deeply affecting the field of language education publishing. Through more in-depth international cooperation, we should make the publishing means of Chinese and English language teaching more diverse, publishing forms more abundant, and publishing platforms more international. Third, strengthen international cooperation in textbook promotion and marketing channel construction. We should strengthen international cooperation, integrate all forces, and promote more excellent international Chinese textbooks to the world. Fourth, strengthen the training and exchange of international language education and publishing talents. China and the UK should strengthen cooperation and strive to cultivate international language education and publishing talents, including business management, which is market regulation talents, copyright trade talents, professional and technical talents, and translation talents

Wu Shulin stressed that both English Education Publishing and Chinese education publishing markets are full of vitality and considerable potential worldwide. He hoped that the language education publishing institutions in China and the UK would further improve. Next, let's take a look at the gap between domestic experimental machines and imported experimental machines: further strengthen cooperation, jointly promote the prosperity and development of language education publishing in China and the UK, and make new and greater contributions to promoting cultural exchanges between China and the UK, the East and the west, and the harmonious development of human society

During the forum, Li Pengyi, President of China Education Publishing and media group, panshixun, CEO of Cambridge University Press to improve patients' quality of life, and many other heads of well-known educational publishing institutions at home and abroad delivered speeches and interacted with on-site guests, covering how English Education Publishing and Chinese education publishing can learn from each other and jointly develop markets

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