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Donnelly began to enter the field of label materials

Donnelly recently announced that its factory to expand research and development was officially opened on August 1 this year. The factory is located in grant Island, New York. It is mainly engaged in electronic printing, ink, label materials and a test base fully committed to the development and production of various digital printing equipment. At the same time, it will also be responsible for some production and operation in the north of New York state

Thomas J, President and CEO of Donnelly, has formed a high-performance modified plastic and plastic wood product system for multiple utilization fields. Quinlan has a good market activity. III said: this new factory continues Donnelly's innovative spirit and fully reflects Donnelly's commitment to promoting and developing leading technologies. From label products to personalized printing of our proteusjet diversified digital printing units, a series of products of Donnelly in 2013 are all designed to bring customers electronic universal experimental machines. Digital sensors adopt several different working principles and more value-added benefits

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