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Dressed up as a wind power solidification desert, Northwest Chemical expanded against the trend

"Jincheng" Lanzhou. A heavy snow made the mountains along the airport expressway wrapped in silver. At the exit of the expressway towards the urban area, the Yongxin Chemical Industry Park where northwest chemical industry is located was particularly dazzling in the sunshine after the snow

northwest chemical industry, which has a history of paint making for more than 40 years, settled in Yongxin Chemical Industry Park in 2007 and completed the "relocation and capacity expansion of 50000 ton paint production line, so the project is under the condition that the speed of the traction line does not change". Now, what changes have taken place in Northwest chemical industry, which has been relocated for nearly two years? Where will it go in the future? Moreover, since this year, domestic paint enterprises above Designated Size have changed from maintaining a growth rate of more than 20% for consecutive years to a decline, and the whole industry has entered the "freezing point" period. Can Northwest Chemical get out of the severe winter? These have become the focus of attention of all shareholders and the market

sprint in the cold current

it can be seen that as the main building of Yongxin Chemical Industry Park, under the rows of majestic steel structure plants of Northwest chemical industry, there are resin plants, color paint plants, barrel factories and power plants, which constitute the complete internal industrial chain of Northwest Chemical Industry and the main part of the 50000 ton coating production line of Northwest chemical industry. Different from the outdoor ice and snow in November, the workers of the color paint branch are working hard, and the barrel paint that has just come off the line is packed by them one by one

statistics show that in the first half of this year, against the backdrop of the global financial crisis, the total output value, operating revenue and product output of Northwest chemical industry increased by 14%, 18% and 12% respectively. In the off-season of this industry in August, the main business of the company's coating industry has really realized profits, which is the first time since it was listed. We advocate that enterprises should test with the core material of thermal insulation materials

Kang Haijun, the current chairman of Northwest Chemical, summed up three points to ensure that the accuracy of the test can maintain a good situation in the face of the crisis: "the company has built a domestic first-class, energy-saving and environmental friendly coating production line; increased scientific research investment and played a role; increased publicity and improved product packaging."

Kang Haijun told that since the relocation of the company, a large number of professionals with doctoral and master's degrees have been introduced, attracting more than 10 scientific research institutions and universities, including the Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou University, Beijing University of chemical technology, Northwest Normal University and so on. At the same time, a large amount of funds were invested to equip the hardware facilities matching the national technology center, which laid the foundation for the company to take the lead in coating research and development again

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