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When AI meets traditional Chinese Medicine - North China industrial control helps traditional Chinese medicine robots

on August 15, the 2018 World robot conference, which has attracted the attention of global science and technology enthusiasts and the AI industry, kicked off after the North exceeded the yield load. The traditional Chinese medicine robot, which was unveiled at the conference for the first time, is refreshing, and it also sees more possibilities brought by intelligent robots in the medical industry

observation in traditional Chinese medicine means that doctors use vision to observe all visible signs and excretions of the whole body and local parts of the human body purposefully, so as to understand the state of health or disease, which is called observation

the Chinese medicine robot that showed its talents at the exhibition adopts machine vision technology, which can screen and evaluate 10 major systems of the human body and more than 70 health indicators in only 15 seconds by measuring the color and morphological singularity of the facial reflection area of the face, based on the Chinese medicine face-to-face diagnosis + western medicine physical examination + AI algorithm, and by analyzing hundreds of photos taken by the camera and the data collected by the robot biosensor

traditional Chinese medicine robots bring more possibilities for the application of intelligent robots in the medical industry

traditional Chinese medicine robots are endowed with many intelligent functions, which require complex intelligent operations, rapid response and Realization of various functions according to the external environment. The realization of these functions requires the efficient cooperation of multiple intelligent modules, of which intelligent hardware is an indispensable module, As the core operation platform of control system module, the reliability of embedded computer hardware system directly affects the operation performance of service robot

as an established enterprise with a history of more than 20 years in the professional computer industry, North China industrial control has been committed to the R & D and production of intelligent robot embedded computer products for many years, closely following the market development direction, intensively cultivating products and services, popularizing green packaging and recycling knowledge, and depositing rich industry experience and successful cases in many aspects of R & D and production

based on rockchip rk3399 arm architecture, North China industrial control 3.5 industrial board emb-3531 is one of the recently independently developed products of the company, with excellent industrial level performance. Based on rockchip rk3399 chip, the product adopts dual core cortex with a total exhibition area of 230656 square meters A72 plus quad core cortex-a53 64 bit six core processor. The product has strong performance, low power consumption, and can operate stably and reliably for a long time. It is equipped with Android open source system, has rich external interfaces and network application environment, and has strong external compatibility. It integrates the new generation of arm high-end image processor Mali- T860@MP4 GPU, with high function integration and compact board

North China industrial control realizes a win-win situation for both sides based on rockchip. Rk3399 arm architecture 3.5 industrial board

traditional Chinese medicine, as a unique medical theory in the Chinese medical community, has important medical significance. The learning of theories and methods in it can be spread and promoted through intelligent robots, which is of great significance. North China industrial control will continue to use products to help the broad application prospects of the intelligent robot industry. For more products, please pay attention to North China Industrial Control Officer: for more product information, please pay attention to North China Industrial Control Officer:

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