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When art meets Automation - raotm&rau Shanghai station is held, and a series of new products appear brilliantly

face changing, sand painting, talk shows, what is the relationship between these quite artistic words and automation? However, Rockwell Automation, the world's leading industrial automation solution supplier, has linked these words that were originally irrelevant. On May, the third raotm RAU (Rockwell Automation Products Exhibition and Rockwell University of Automation) of this year was successfully held in intercontinental Puxi Hotel, Shanghai. Rockwell Automation's new medium-sized control system, PlantPAx SR 2.0 process control system and PowerFlex 755 high-performance frequency converter, which were originally cold automation products, were grandly launched with wonderful sand paintings, face changing performances of Sichuan Opera and talk shows, leaving Jiabin with a deep impression of infinite fun

intelligent, safe and sustainable production is the theme of this activity, and it is also the goal that Rockwell Automation has been committed to promoting customers for a long time. Adhering to the concept of listening and working hard, through the raotm RAU activity, which started in 1998, as long as the spring is put into the test panel, Rockwell Automation provides an excellent platform for professionals in the automation field to truly appreciate the latest automation technology, and also provides a good technical training opportunity for Rockwell Automation customers and professionals. Tom o Reilly, chairman of Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd. and general manager of Greater China, said that from 2004 to 2012, raotm and roadshows traveled 310 Chinese cities, traveled more than 288000 kilometers, and more than 30000 customers participated in the event

ou Ruitao introduced the situation of Rockwell Automation in China

ou Ruitao also introduced the latest situation of Rockwell Automation in China. At present, Rockwell Automation China has more than 1800 employees, 34 offices and branches, 3 manufacturing bases, 2 solution engineering centers, 3 OEM application and development centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, distribution and logistics centers in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan, R & D centers in Shanghai and software development centers in Dalian. At the same time, The maintenance center in Shanghai provides customers with strong after-sales support. Ou Ruitao said that Rockwell Automation has actively cooperated with dozens of authorized channel partners and dozens of universities in China to jointly provide the manufacturing industry with world-class products and solutions, service support and technical training on November 11

hundreds of senior management, including Mr. Bob ruff, President of Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific region, Mr. Steven Goh, marketing director of Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific region, Mr. Kevin Cole, general manager of transmission and power control products Asia Pacific Division, Mr. Dana R. Burch, director of OEM business in Asia Pacific region, Mr. xieruixin, general manager of market and business development in Greater China region, as well as end customers, OEM manufacturers and partners of Rockwell Automation, Both attended the opening ceremony of the day. Steven Goh, marketing director of Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific, delivered a keynote speech on intelligent, safe and sustainable production at the opening ceremony. Steven Goh elaborated on the driving factors of the evolution and development of the manufacturing industry, and pointed out that the market environment is driving change. Manufacturers must integrate the value chain globally, promote innovation, drive productivity improvement, reduce risks and promote sustainability. In addition, the integration of organizational structure and technology is taking place within the enterprise. Rockwell Automation's plant wide optimization provides continuous improvement and provides the lowest total cost of ownership for machine manufacturers in terms of design, development and delivery

Steven Goh gives a keynote speech

the last part of the opening ceremony is the unique new product release. Rockwell Automation has obviously made careful preparations for the launch of this series of new products. With wonderful performances such as sand paintings, face changing, talk shows, PlantPAx SR 2.0, medium-sized control system, PowerFlex 755 high-performance frequency converter and other important new products of Rockwell Automation this year have made wonderful appearances. As a unified control platform, PlantPAx 2.0 can realize the seamless integration of control, electrical, safety and information. Its high availability, equipment integration and asset management, rapid design tools, batch and sequence control, efficient operation and other functions help customers reach a new level of plant wide optimization. In particular, the 1715 redundant i/o added by PlantPAx 2.0 can greatly reduce the loss of unplanned downtime and reduce the risk at the same time. Similarly, the new medium-sized control system, which is highly expected by Rockwell Automation, will play an important leading role in its siege in the OEM market

talk show performance

the wonderful content of raotm RAU at each stop is certainly not limited to the opening ceremony. In the product exhibition area of more than 700 square meters, Rockwell Automation's 10 demonstration panels and 26 booths focus on its comprehensive and leading automation products, solutions and services, including integrated architecture medium-sized systems, PlantPAx 2.0, manufacturing intelligent systems, PowerFlex 753/755 frequency converters, ethernet/ip standard industrial Ethernet Core components, intelligent motor control, machine safety solutions, micro800 series PLC, etc. In addition, the technology and solutions of a large number of third-party product partners of Rockwell Automation were also displayed to guests in the product exhibition area. In RAU, 45 technical lectures and 5 hands-on experiments were warmly responded by hundreds of participants and customers

a corner of the product exhibition area

although it is a literary youth, the recent performance of Rockwell Automation is not ambiguous, and the China Plastics Fair has built a communication bridge. Rockwell Automation recently released its 2012 second quarter financial report, which showed that its revenue increased by 6.6% in the second quarter, from $1.46 billion in the same period last year to $1.56 billion. Among them, the revenue of architecture and software increased by 6.5% to $665million; Controlling products and solving fatigue testing machines are machine solutions that can test fatigue performance in various ways. Revenue increased by 6.7% to $896million. It should be noted that the revenue of the Asia Pacific region in this quarter was US $231.7 million, an increase of more than 10% compared with us $209.6 million in the same period in 2011. This achievement is quite good on the premise that the global macroeconomic uncertainty increased significantly in 2012. At the analyst meeting during raotm RAU Shanghai station, ou Ruitao said that in the future, Rockwell Automation has great opportunities in the fields of process control, medium-sized OEM machinery manufacturing, and FMCG industry

earlier this year, raotm RAU activities were successfully held in Fuzhou and Xi'an, and Rockwell Automation will also hold its fourth raotm RAU this year in Jinan, Shandong Province, which fully demonstrates its commitment to increasing investment in China and being close to Chinese customers. With the launch of a series of new products, especially PlantPAx 2.0 and the new medium-sized control system, Rockwell Automation has begun a new round of efforts to the market

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