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When shenche met the "shenche"

River, he described the situation as "ruined". The customer of beigouke Handan liked to mention E130

at the new and old user appreciation meeting held by Hebei Gouke Trading Co., Ltd., a franchised dealer of John Deere, boss Zhang liked to mention a Deere E130 excavator

the deer was successfully delivered to boss Zhang

boss Zhang has been an operator in the field of construction machinery for nearly ten years, taking the situation of project hiring and technology shareholding. The project involves road construction, river excavation, excavator leasing, etc. at present, he has three excavators in his hand, including a joint venture 20 ton and a domestic 10 ton in addition to the deer

the deer model associated with boss Zhang is E1, which gives full play to its advantage 30. In the early stage, boss Zhang, who plans to purchase a 16 ton model of a domestic brand, introduced through Liu Jianghua, the business manager of Hebei dig, that in similar models, considering engine power, operational stability, fuel economy and brand preservation rate, deer can achieve comprehensive crushing

the deer with red flowers on his head and stretched his "waist"

"I would rather believe others' mouths than run errands more myself."

boss Zhang learned from his colleagues who are using the John Deere brand around Handan that under the same working conditions, the deer can not only work more, but also save up to 3 liters of oil per hour. When working for an average of 8 hours a day, the deer spends 150 yuan less per day. The small panel control system is to make the equipment work efficiently. The annual construction period is calculated as 10 months, and the annual oil cost can be saved by 45000 yuan, It's really a fuel-efficient "God car"

good luck also likes to run to people who are prepared. Boss Zhang can't help saying, "it's a right choice for me to be lucky to get married with deer this year. I hope the future engineering career will continue to flourish with the help of deer!"

deer at work

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