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Looking forward to the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" of the printing industry in Heilongjiang Province

in the implementation of the strategy of revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China, the printing industry in Heilongjiang Province has risen rapidly, the added value and sales revenue of the printing industry above Designated Size have increased continuously, and the printing industry has developed well and rapidly, which has promoted the rapid improvement of the economic situation of the province. Recently, Heilongjiang Province released the development ideas during the 11th Five Year Plan period

first, guiding ideology

adhere to the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", closely focus on the development goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way, adhere to development as the first priority, comprehensively implement the scientific concept of development, build a harmonious society, promote the concentration of printing industry, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness. We should strengthen resource conservation and environmental protection, promote independent innovation of enterprises, and further standardize the order of the printing market, which is a good helper for the paper products industry, improve the long-term mechanism of printing management, and create a harmonious development environment

II. Main tasks and development objectives

1 Control the total amount, expand the stock, make a reasonable layout, and further change the mode of economic growth of the printing industry. According to the needs of development, the number of printing enterprises should be appropriately adjusted to strengthen and expand a number of backbone printing enterprises. The layout of printing enterprises in the province is centered on Harbin, accounting for about 55% of the total number of printing enterprises; Supported by Qiqihar, Mudanjiang, Jiamusi and Daqing, it accounts for about 25% of the total printing enterprises; Other regions are complementary, accounting for about 20% of the total printing enterprises. By 2010, the printing enterprises in the province were controlled within 1 closed-loop control system. Among them, the number of publication printing enterprises is controlled within 180, the number of single publication printing enterprises is controlled within 80, the number of packaging and decoration printing enterprises is controlled within 100, and the number of other printing enterprises is controlled within 1600

build 1-2 enterprise groups with considerable scale and competitiveness, mainly based on printing and supplemented by diversified operations; Three to four large printing enterprises with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan; Five to seven printing enterprises with an annual output value of 50million yuan. 80% of state-owned printing enterprises have completed the restructuring

2. The printing production technology has reached the domestic advanced level, the printing production capacity is strong, and the product quality is excellent, which fully meets the market demand. Promote the modernization of the printing industry and improve the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress. 30% - 40% of the printing enterprises have realized the digital networking of information resources in the prepress field, and the printing field has basically realized the multi-color high-speed offset printing. The printing of books, newspapers and periodicals adopts color (2) check whether the upper and lower limits are more appropriate for the position of color offset printing, and the packaging and decoration products adopt flexographic printing technology to actively develop digital printing. Realize automation and linkage in the post press field, comprehensively improve the printing quality of printing materials, and make the factory pass rate of all kinds of printing materials reach 100%

3. Improve the concentration of the joint layout of science, industry and trade in the printing industry, build a printing industry concentration area, establish itself in the province, face the whole country, and strive to become a domestic printing production base. Correctly guide the layout of the printing industry and build Hadaqi printing industrial park. The printing industry should follow the development mode of base and park. According to the regional industrial advantages, strive for the policy support of the local government for the new park, adjust the printing industrial structure, and strive to improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth. Build a comprehensive printing industrial belt integrating production, supply, science, industry and trade. Encourage printing enterprises to go global, occupy market share at home and abroad, seize opportunities, revitalize the printing industry in the province, and make it rise rapidly

III. main measures

1 We will improve the laws and regulations of the printing industry and strictly supervise the examination and approval of printing enterprises. Further clarify the hierarchical supervision functions of printing and reproduction enterprises, and strictly abide by the conditions and standards for the establishment of printing and reproduction enterprises. We should conscientiously implement the examination and approval system, strengthen supervision, and seriously deal with violations of examination and approval

2. Actively strive for policies, build a development platform, and promote the development of printing and reproduction industry. Actively coordinate with the higher authorities and relevant departments, and strive to enjoy the cultural industry tax policy, printing equipment import reduction policy, etc. Guide the reform of state-owned printing enterprises and accelerate the pace of reform. Establish a modern enterprise system. We will strengthen various printing technology seminars, exchanges, inspections and other activities, do a good job in training, and improve the quality of employees

3. Strengthen technological transformation and improve the content of printing technology. Strive for cultural industry policies, strengthen technological development, and update and transform backward equipment and processes to meet market demand. We will strengthen independent development and scientific and technological innovation, and enhance the ability of enterprises to make independent innovation

4. We should promote the establishment and improvement of the modern enterprise system of state-owned printing enterprises, formulate various effective measures, and promote state-owned publication printing enterprises to embark on the road of large-scale, intensive and professional through alliances, mergers, reorganizations, etc. The entry threshold is also low

5 We will vigorously support private enterprises and promote the sustainable and coordinated development of the printing industry. With its advanced equipment, high scientific and technological content and better product quality, it lays a foundation for printing enterprises to move towards new, unique, special and refined. Form a printing pattern of coordinated development of state-owned, joint-stock and private economic sectors, and maintain the sustainable, stable and coordinated development of the printing industry

6. Enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and actively participate in the opening up. Relying on the advantages of the unit in product design, personnel quality, technical level and so on, we can form distinctive product advantages, price advantages, intensive advantages and competitive advantages, and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of printing enterprises. Implement the strategy of bringing in and going out, find partners, attract investment and expand the strength of the enterprise

7. Strengthen printing quality management, strive to improve product quality, establish a quality management system, improve the management organization, and improve the quality management system. Strengthen the random inspection and testing of the printing quality of publications, and promote the improvement of the printing quality. Vigorously promote the brand project, build high-quality products and establish famous brands. Cultivate a number of famous and high-quality enterprises with scientific management, good benefits, excellent quality, considerate service and high reputation

8. Establish and improve the printing training system and strengthen the training of professionals. According to the provincial publishing talent training plan, we should pay close attention to the construction of the civil service team, management talent team, technical talent team and technical worker team, and cultivate a group of high-quality printing technology talents and professional technicians as soon as possible

9. Strengthen the coordination and guidance of printing industry associations, and give full play to the role of bridges and ties of industry associations. Vigorously support the work managed by the association, so that the association can realize self-management, restraint, service and development, become an important force in the macro-control management of the publication and printing industry, clarify the management functions, make overall planning, and play a greater role in the industry management

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