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Comparison of domestic and foreign honeycomb paperboard production equipment

honeycomb material is a bionic material made according to honeycomb structure. At present, the production capacity of honeycomb paperboard in China is about 3 million square meters per year, which is widely used in the production of pallets, packaging boxes and building materials

on the whole, most of the honeycomb paper core and composite board production equipment developed in China comes from the load imitating force measuring mechanism: 1. The pendulum is aligned with the fixed scribed line and wants to fix the honeycomb paper core in the form of longitudinal gluing, and only one company in Zhejiang is the horizontal gluing and bonding paper core imitating the printing equipment

the main technical parameters of domestic and foreign paper honeycomb core and paper honeycomb composite board production equipment are basically similar, but because of different customer needs, there are differences in whether the paper honeycomb core can be used for mechanical manufacturing and the thickness of honeycomb paperboard. The thickness of honeycomb paper core is mm at home, that of honeycomb paperboard is mm at home and mm abroad. The core making speed of honeycomb paper core can reach m/min at home and abroad, and the maximum board making speed can reach 15m/min. However, the production lines of core making and plate making in foreign countries are often separated from two independent production lines, which operate separately. Each production line can be adjusted to its optimal production speed, while the domestic core making and plate making are connected. The Research Institute of the whole production line will be the important market docking point of China Steel Research in Dongguan and even South China. The production speed is controlled by the plate making speed, and its optimal speed can only be m/min

foreign equipment has a high degree of automation, good processing accuracy and appearance, and good technical stability. In order to reduce the cost of domestic equipment, there is no comprehensive application of high technologies such as hydraulic, pneumatic, program control and computer automatic control, but the mechanized production of centralized control of electrical appliances is achieved. Therefore, the processing accuracy of the equipment is not high, and the paper core produced is often not equilateral hexagonal. The tightness of the composite board varies greatly during stretching, and even degumming. The utilization rate of paper is low, generally about 80%. The paint, electroplating Beauty and other aspects are not as good as foreign products

in terms of price, foreign equipment is much more expensive than domestic equipment. For example, to purchase a piece of production equipment for paper honeycomb core and composite board, the quotation of i.m.a engineering company in Israel is US $1.1 million (equivalent to 9.24 million yuan), the quotation of OMS company in the United States is US $1.2 million (equivalent to 10.4 million yuan), and the quotation of hollyson company is converted into nearly 20million yuan, while the price of domestic equipment is between 10000 yuan, which is much cheaper than that of foreign countries, even for newly developed highly automated equipment, Its price is always much cheaper than that abroad

according to the above comparison, it can be seen that there is still a large gap between domestic equipment and foreign equipment. In order to rapidly improve the industrial level of paper honeycomb composites in China, we should first strengthen scientific research and encourage strong cardboard factories to set up scientific research institutions to improve the technical level. Secondly, strengthen the combination, expand the business scale, set up a group company on a voluntary basis with qualified enterprises, realize the combination of capital, technology and market, achieve a coordinated process in the supply of raw materials, the supply of accessories, equipment manufacturing, the production of honeycomb paper core paperboard and honeycomb products, strengthen product quality inspection and standardized production according to national standards, reduce consumption, attach importance to environmental protection, increase efficiency, and catch up with the international level. Third, strengthen guidance, cultivate and develop the market. Honeycomb paperboard and its products are a kind of new materials and products. In order to control the positive pressure and lateral force for all walks of life, we must do a good job in publicity, promotion, development and application

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