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Prospect of design education in the 21st century

-- Kim Tae hoon, Professor of East Asia University in South Korea

since the 1990s, the field of design has been in the process of re evolution of information society and network society. The value of design should change with the change of social value. From the above point of view, this paper looks forward to the changes of design environment, content and direction in the 21st century, and dynamically expounds the content and direction of design education corresponding to these changes on the basis of literature

first, the design and environment of the 21st century

as advocated by many sociologists, the knowledge society has arrived, and the current society is transitioning from an industrial society to an information society and knowledge society. If the industrial society takes energy and hardware materials such as oil as the main resources, the information society and knowledge society take network information and knowledge innovation as resources and their circulation as the center

in terms of the characteristics of social ideas, in the former industrial society, attention was paid to the universal value standards based on analytical thinking and machinery, as well as the material value based on antagonistic thinking, forming the main values based on production and consumption, innovation and change, desire and property. The industrial society that attaches importance to materials eventually leads to the depletion of resources and energy, and forms an environmental pollution problem that threatens the whole world. For the future society known as the information and knowledge society, the common view of theorists is that it is different from the industrial society after years of development. It pays more attention to the "spirituality" of balanced thinking, the "diversity of values" based on the inherent culture of the region, and the "regionalization and organic integration" of these spirits and values through computer communication networks, Pay more attention to the "holistic" thinking that treats each other's different systems and environmental factors equally from a macro perspective. In addition, in human life, it is expected that the emphasis on spirit and the development of computers and communication networks will bring "economic computer software", and the use and sustainability, tradition and stability, character and meaning will become the mode of life. People's outlook on life will gradually move from the "materialistic outlook on life" of pursuing economic prosperity in the mature period of industrial society to the "outlook on life divorced from materialism", that is, caring for knowledge, pursuing interesting activities such as culture and creation, nature protection, community service and other intentions, and satisfying personal values. The patterns of mass production, circulation and consumption have induced the depletion of energy and resources and environmental pollution. The social concept and people's lifestyle caused by these serious global problems are changing in the direction of "frugal development" and "harmony with nature". In the field of art and society, the "diversity of factors" that constitute society is being recognized. We hope to strive to break the fixed forms and standards, eliminate subjectivity and emphasize human nature, etc. At the same time, people are increasingly concerned about diversity based "enhanced emotional communication"

Second, the content and direction of design in the 21st century

up to now, traditional industrial design mainly involves the manufacturing and service industries of industry. It simply endows the design object with modeling characteristics and plays a professional role in improving the competitiveness of enterprises; The design object is limited to hardware and material visual products; The design content usually stays on the shape and surface. However, the non-material, software and non visual values beyond the physical hardware field will become the mainstream of society, and the design department needs to have a positive attitude to include the above values into the design field

first, we need to expand our vision of the design field, content and direction

so far, the design centered on 3D hardware can expand its field to software. In the past, the design content was one-sided modeling, which was generally formed in the final stage of development through shape, color, texture, etc. It goes without saying that this kind of design content needs to expand the sense of hearing, smell and so on. It also needs to go beyond the shape and include the design purpose and meaning in the design content

based on the transformation of the above design consciousness, shaping many information, multimedia, electronic entertainment appliances in the new era will have the dominant and creative value of design. For example, now designers should not only design the internal relationship between the shape and screen of the game console, the characteristics of the game, but also design the purpose, meaning, and even conception of the game

especially in the design of electronic space, it cannot be defined simply according to the feeling of media attributes, as in previous designs. For example, it is no longer meaningful to understand graphic design as a two-dimensional plane attribute and product design and architecture as a three-dimensional space. Because the differences between electronic space, space media, or material no longer exist. All media are melted into liquid in the huge "digital blast furnace" of electronic space. Text is no longer a separate text itself, and image is not limited to image itself. Language, text, image and music all intersect for intelligent thinking, and the difference between "content and form" will no longer be allowed. In a sense, the previous design has always been regarded as a medium that conveys the material form and image of the packaging content rather than the content. On the contrary, in electronic space, because the information content, that is, the immaterial knowledge itself, has formed a structure, more intelligent design talents are needed

it can be said that a successful electronic space design depends on whether it can retrieve the information that induces spontaneous interest, understand the diverse cultural feelings of users, and make it into a meaningful structure. Therefore. We will call the people who make this structure "electronic space designers". They will organize shoulder samples in many departments, such as cognitive science, psychology, programming, music, dance, illustration, computer painting, advertising, clothing, hardware product design, architecture and so on, and adopt suspension structures to become "wandering designers"

in the above new environment, designers need to have the professionalism of freelance writers in order to integrate various categories. That is to say, if the creation of modeling beauty and visual beauty is the expertise of previous designers, future designers should become "freelancers" with comprehensive cultivation like Orchestra conductors, who can integrate other professional fields according to the theme of the problem to be solved, and sublimate their works into wonderful art and desired culture. In order to play this comprehensive role, designers need to have the quality of strategists who can put forward a blueprint for the future and implement it concretely

second, with the help of Microelectronic Engineering and the development of new materials, the importance of design awareness will appear

in some fields, the differences between product design and graphic design, or between design and painting, sculpture, may become increasingly blurred. Microelectronics engineering will further shake the traditional concept of product volume. In other words, due to the use of miniaturization technology, electronic products are more miniaturized, and the "Z" axis of the three elements defining the volume (with X, y, z axes) is gradually thinner, which means that it is finally flattened into x, y planes. The electronic computer, which is as thin as a credit card, has been launched, and planar products will highlight the proportion of graphic interface. The newly developed "wall mounted TV and stereo" indicates that the same quality as the picture in the frame can be obtained. The continuous emergence of new materials will allow the design forms suitable for the past production methods to increase the degree of freedom. As a result, industrial products will break the boundaries of the same handicraft and tend to appreciate supplies, and finally obtain the quality of carving. The boundaries between three-dimensional and plane, illustration and painting, product and sculpture will tend to be blurred, and the concepts of art and design in the past will need to be redefined

third, the design of people's life will be transformed into a form of expressing the diversity and subtle meaning of daily life

this means that in the future, the design will reflect the diversity value caused by people's countless daily subtle intentions. The daily values in our life do not exist independently in a crystal structure similar to billiard balls, but as air flows and spreads continuously. Therefore, the design of people's lives cannot be easily typed or analyzed for no reason from a conclusive point of view as before

as for the future design direction, we should also pay attention to the dialogue with users and emotional communication through dialogue. Only by obtaining meaningful cooperation from user groups that may be affected by the design can we achieve a truly democratic design. Through the emotional communication with users at the social, cultural and spiritual levels, practical and meaningful design works can be created. Dialogue and emotional communication with users need to run through the whole process of the life cycle of works such as the design stage and the use stage. In order to make the design close to the user's wishes, the designer should adopt the attitude of listening to and implementing the user's requirements, which is more important than the ideas given to him by the designer. Through the process of dialogue and emotional communication with users, designers can get the answers of what is practical and how to connect the user's intention and meaning, and get inspiration. For example, the "vision of future" led by the Philips Design Center, whose various future design schemes are still displayed in the Philips exhibition hall for users' review. Communicate emotionally with them through dialogue. Japanese game console "spirit" (Inda magoggi) Its success also fully shows how strong the demand for emotional exchange through dialogue is

The quality and safety of rubber and plastic products become more important

fourth, environmental issues will require attention in the design of creating people's diversified values, strive to make these values always coordinate with each other in the context of human, society and environment, and strive to find their common scope

the designed object should be harmonious with its surrounding system and the whole society and environment; The rich and colorful beauty sought by design should have the universality of the world with the overall perspective of society and environment or ethics as the foundation. Based on the above considerations, designers should have a broad vision and social awareness of the whole society and environment, and then have a long-term sense of the results (use, maintenance, upgrading, scrapping) of the design works with the passage of years and their own changes

The social value trend of design education in the third and twenty-firstcentury is shifting from the industrial society dominated by energy and material, separation and analysis, and standardization to the society of information, knowledge, and cultural environment. From this context, the goal direction of design education should go beyond the education based on the material economy and competitive logic dominated by industry and enterprises in the past, and pay attention to connecting polished fabrics to a certain humidity knowledge value

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