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Prospects of central air conditioning in China in 2012, the central air conditioning market encountered "cold", the downturn of the overall economy and the regulation of real estate. The central air conditioning market failed to continue the development momentum of high growth in 2011. Only in the first half of 2012, the central air conditioning market fell by 11.3% compared with the same period in 2011, with a record decline. Under this gloomy market prospect, what new actions have central air conditioning enterprises taken to deal with the downturn at this stage? What is the prospect of improving building standards and engineering quality before the central air conditioning market

I. there is a great market prospect for building energy efficiency transformation

in the first half of 2012, some central air-conditioning enterprises benefited from some legacy projects and orders in 2011, and still maintained growth in the overall depressed market environment. At the same time, many new projects "abort" or reduce the scale, which makes the central air conditioning market "worse"

under this background, is the central air conditioning enterprise closely connected with the whole doing nothing? On the whole, the market impact of central air conditioning is relatively small compared with that of household air conditioning. Among them, the broad prospect of building energy-saving transformation brings confidence to central air conditioning

it is reported that the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development are preparing the "green energy-saving building action plan", striving to build 1.1 billion square meters of green buildings in cities and rural areas during the "12th Five Year Plan", carry out energy-saving transformation of 570million square meters of buildings, and implement the green building green building standards for all new buildings in cities and towns from 2017. Building energy-saving transformation will undoubtedly bring about the rapid development of the central air-conditioning market, and the air-conditioning industry chain ushers in a new stage of development

throughout the market, the market pattern of central air conditioning is mainly commercial. At present, nearly 500million square meters of large public buildings in China use large commercial air conditioning. It is estimated that by the end of 2015, the market scale of building energy conservation will reach 60billion yuan, and the market scale of central air conditioning energy conservation will reach 24billion yuan

second, the central and western regions bring development opportunities

although the central air conditioning market experienced a decline in 2012, it does not mean that the development space of central air conditioning has been reduced. On the contrary, the depressed market has brought rare periods of reflection and adjustment to enterprises, such as Midea's internal reform at the beginning of the year

many enterprises took the lead and made plans in advance to penetrate into the third and fourth tier markets, including Toshiba and other enterprises, on the basis of the original sales channels, constantly layout the third and fourth tier markets

in recent years, with the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic air-conditioning industry, coupled with the gradual withdrawal of the three major policies, rising costs and the deterioration of the export environment, air-conditioning manufacturers have also begun to change their development ideas under heavy pressure. Many enterprises have begun to carry out strategic transfer and brand upgrading, and have rushed to the central and Western markets to compete for more market share, so as to occupy a leading edge in the future market competition

since the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", the central government has put forward strategies such as implementing the western development and promoting the rise of the central region. Under the guidance of macro strategy, China is trying to make up for the "short board" of regional balance of economic and social development and give greater policy space to relatively backward areas. They assume that they will use it in the fields of aerospace structure detection, combustion supporting agents, anti icing and electrical conductivity. China's coastal air-conditioning enterprises took the "express" of the policy and quickly adjusted their strategies to advance their production bases to the central and western regions

third, exploring market segments has become a trend

in the depressed market, this round of economic crisis is continuously deepening. Insiders believe that it is not clear when the bottom will be reached, or it will take several years for the market to get out of the current situation and usher in a period of high growth

many enterprises have realized that the industry reshuffle is going on. Only by doing a solid job in their own position and devoting themselves to products and services, can they not be eliminated by the market. Many small and medium-sized enterprises have focused on R & D in the segmented industries in order to occupy the leading position in the segmented field in the future market

the main market segments of commercial air conditioners are high-end residential, office environment and commercial places. With the development of the market, many sub industries have been derived. For example, computer room air conditioners, air conditioners for express hotels, clean air conditioners for hospitals, special air conditioners for the tobacco industry, and professional air conditioners for the pharmaceutical industry. Market segmentation has become a way to develop the market of commercial air conditioners. All manufacturers are researching and developing corresponding products, and their market potential is immeasurable

the depressed market environment is like a sword hanging overhead, constantly reminding enterprises to adjust their own development. Only by doing their basic skills well and paying attention to their own research and development, can central air-conditioning enterprises be invincible

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