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Prospects of China's aerial work platforms are expected. Jieerjie will fully expand production to meet customer needs

prospects of China's aerial work platforms are expected. Jieerjie will fully expand production to meet customer needs

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August 23, 2018, Shanghai - with the continuous increase in the cost of a special testing equipment for the tensile test of synthetic fiber lifting belts manufactured by our company Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., the local artificial lifting belt tensile testing machine has gradually disappeared, the awareness of construction safety has been strengthened, and the safety specifications for high-altitude construction have been comprehensively improved. Compared with the traditional scaffolding and other high-altitude operation equipment, The advantages of aerial work platforms in safety and economy are becoming increasingly prominent, and the market demand is also rising. According to the special research and investment prospect analysis report on China's aerial work platform manufacturing market in (hereinafter referred to as the report) released by Zhiyan consulting, the overall demand of the Chinese market is expected to increase to 25000 units in 2018, with a year-on-year growth rate of about 39%-47%. Facing the situation that the market is in short supply, as the world's leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telescopic boom forklift trucks, JLG operates its production line at full capacity, and the output of equipment is growing rapidly, so as to actively explore the path of industrialization of R & D achievements to cope with China's constantly "warming" market demand

according to the report, in the middle of the year, the sales of aerial work platforms in China increased by an average of about 40% in five years. China's aerial work platform industry has entered a period of rapid growth, and all relevant groups in the industry are generally optimistic about the future market development. Since 2008, jieerjie has officially entered the Chinese market as a leader, participating in and witnessing the rise of the Chinese market. In 2010, jierjie established a production base in Tianjin, China - jierjie (Tianjin) equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianjin factory) to serve the entire Asian market. The plant has a total investment of 52.4 million US dollars, covers an area of 80000 square meters, and has a production capacity of 20000 aerial work platforms at the beginning of construction

the vigorous development of China's aerial work platform market is inseparable from the efforts of jieerjie, which is rooted in China, and the full support of all employees of Tianjin factory. At present, China's high-altitude construction industry has a strong demand for the upgrading of operation methods. Jieerjie's orders have already been filled with the annual output of 2018. All employees of Tianjin factory are going all out to speed up the production progress, strive to meet the customer's order needs as soon as possible, and supply goods to customers on time and on point

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has reduced environmental pollution. It is worth mentioning that since the beginning of summer this year, severe weather has occurred frequently in Tianjin. There have been 13 high temperature days in Tianjin in June alone, and the extreme high temperature reached 42.7 ℃ in July. The Central Meteorological Observatory has continuously issued high temperature warnings. During the high temperature period, Tianjin also issued the first typhoon warning in history, and anbi, Capricorn, lark and winbia landed in Tianjin one after another. Despite the severe test of high temperature and typhoon, all employees of jieerjie Tianjin factory still conscientiously stick to their posts and work overtime to catch up with orders

the picture shows: in the production workshop of jierjie Tianjin factory, the staff in all production links are busy but methodically producing on the production line.

Mr. zhuzhiping, general manager of haoshike jierjie (Tianjin) equipment Co., Ltd., said, "China's aerial work platform industry has entered a high-speed development stage from its initial development, and the field of product use will continue to expand. The demand for equipment will continue to rise for a long time in the future. Jieerjie will continue to improve the capacity of local factories and speed up the quantitative production of products."

along with China's aerial work platform market, jieerjie has witnessed the great changes in China's aerial construction methods, and felt the urgent needs and ardent expectations of Chinese users for advanced aerial work methods. As a leader in the aerial work platform industry, jieerjie will rely on strong local productivity, take customer demand as the foundation, continuously improve production capacity, provide more customers with safe, efficient and durable aerial work platforms, and lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of China's aerial work platform market

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about JLG

JLG is an independent business subsidiary of Oshkosh group, a New York listed company. As the world's largest manufacturer of aerial work platforms, jieerjie is committed to the design, production and sales of aerial work platforms and telescopic boom forklifts that are reliable, powerful, flexible and easy to use. The company's product line includes JLG brand straight arm, curved arm, scissor, personal portable vertical aerial work platform, low height work platform, movable goods sorting aerial work platform and telescopic boom fork loading for material transportation. In addition, jieerjie pays attention to the total cost of equipment and provides customers with a full range of after-sales services; The safety, efficiency and durability of the equipment are accepted by the Chinese market and widely used

about Oshkosh

hosko group is a leading equipment designer, manufacturer and distributor, whose products include fire and emergency rescue, military and special vehicles, and vehicle bodies. Hosco group is headquartered in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

August 23, 2018

Shanghai, China

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