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Prospects of China's plastic processing industry (II)

in 2002, China's low-density polyethylene output is expected to reach 1million tons, and the import volume is expected to reach 2.3 million tons, an increase of nearly 30% and 6.2% respectively over 2001. It is estimated that the transformation of the coal-fired furnace of the plastic granulator system has become an important issue to be solved urgently, and the price will fall

with the passage of time and the substantial reduction of overall tariffs promised by China to WTO members, the number of competitors in the middle class, supply, marketing and other aspects of the plastic industry will increase, and the market competition will become more intense. Under the condition that the market mechanism is not perfect, the plastic industry will also be affected and impacted to a certain extent

compared with foreign countries, we have obvious comparative advantages: first, localization advantages, broad domestic market prospects, and great development potential; The second is the advantage of labor cost. China's labor cost is generally only one tenth of that of European and American countries, and its quality is generally better than that of other developing countries. Third, China's social stability and steady economic growth have provided strong impetus and support for the development of the plastic industry. These advantages will be more apparent in a period of time after China's entry into the WTO

however, China should also be sober to see that there is still a certain gap between the overall level of the plastic industry and developed countries:

(1) the overall technical level is relatively low, lacking core technology

the overall equipment level is low and the process technology is relatively backward; The product structure is unreasonable, and there are more medium and low-grade products; Insufficient scientific and technological investment, weak development capacity, and few plastic products with independent intellectual property rights; Domestic raw materials are in short supply and must be imported in large quantities

(2) weak operation and management ability and low labor productivity

at present, plastic enterprises lack scientific management and fail to make full use of the existing means of production, which limits the exertion of China's advantages in labor costs to varying degrees. In addition, people in the plastic industry are not familiar with WTO regulations and cannot correctly use relevant regulations and policies to protect their own rights and interests

(3) low industrial concentration and unbalanced regional development

there are fewer large-scale plastic enterprises (groups) and more small and medium-sized enterprises, and some products fail to form an intensive scale operation. The regional development of the plastic industry is uneven, and the gap is widening: according to statistics, there are 4484 enterprises engaged in the production of plastic products in Guangdong Province, 2353 in Shandong Province, 5795 in Zhejiang Province, 3666 in Jiangsu Province, and 16298 processing enterprises in the four provinces, accounting for 47.62% of the national total; The output of plastic products accounts for more than 1/3 of the country. The output of plastic products in Guangdong Province alone has reached more than 2 million tons, accounting for about 1/6 of the total output of the country

in order to catch up with and surpass the world's advanced level as soon as possible, gain a foothold among the world's powerful countries, and make greater contributions to the country's economic construction and people's lives, we should make full use of the relevant policies in the transition period, strengthen the "internal strength", and improve the competitiveness of enterprises. In this regard, we hereby put forward the following suggestions:

1. Increase technology investment, develop new technologies and products, and improve the technical content of products

1.1 relying on technological progress, product structure adjustment and improving equipment level

the survival and development of enterprises must be market-oriented, 1 To keep the material testing machine clean as a whole and constantly adjust the product structure, it is necessary to strengthen the research and development of technology and the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements. To this end, we should increase investment in technological research, establish and improve technology centers for large and medium-sized enterprises, strengthen all-round three-dimensional cooperation in production, learning and research, and accelerate the formation of an effective operation mechanism conducive to technological innovation and the rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements. According to the principle of complementary advantages and benefit sharing, strengthen technical cooperation with domestic and international enterprises, and speed up the technological progress of enterprises and the adjustment of product structure. At the same time, we should actively adopt new technologies, new processes, new production methods and management modes, develop new products, stabilize and expand market share, and realize market value at the same time. We should also pay attention to the grafting of technology and traditional products, vigorously develop products with their own intellectual property rights and high-tech content, constantly improve the quality and technical content of products, and implement the upgrading of enterprise products

improving the level of plastic machinery and molds is the key to the accelerated development of plastic products. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the digestion, absorption and innovation of imported advanced equipment, and at the same time, adopt a variety of cooperation methods such as joint venture production and the purchase of necessary manufacturing technology, focusing on improving the technical level of plastic machinery and complete sets of equipment. For example, the development of precision large-scale injection molding machines, composite and large-scale hollow molding machines, flat extrusion plastic film, sheet and plate production lines, stretching and coextrusion technology will come to mind when purchasing cameras, etc. At the same time, we must pay attention to the application and development of microelectronic technology in plastic machinery, and gradually realize the development direction of injection molding, extrusion and hollow Jinan four ball machine, as well as the computer control system for the main machine and subsequent equipment of four basic molding and processing machinery, so as to improve the control level of plastic machinery

during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, China's mold industry should actively adopt cad/cae technology and combine it with high-speed milling, CAD technology and rapid tooling technology. At the same time, we should speed up the development of plastic molds, mold bases and mold standard parts, so as to improve the quality of molds and shorten the manufacturing cycle of molds

the improvement of plastic machinery and mold will have a positive impact on the development of new products and the adjustment of product structure in the plastic products industry. (to be continued)

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