The hottest proven shale gas reserves in Australia

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Australia's proven shale gas reserves are huge

time and capital 3. The latest research report shows that Australia may have more than 1000 trillion cubic feet (1 cubic foot =0.03 cubic meters) of shale gas reserves, but if it wants to carry out comprehensive development, it still needs to implement mature environmental protection measures and reduce development costs

the Australian academic research council wrote in its report that although Australia has rich shale gas reserves, it is not cheap to develop these shale gas

according to the guardian, the report points out that the infrastructure construction cost of developing shale gas in Australia will be twice that of the United States, so the price of shale gas must be higher to make profits. The report predicts that in the next two years, major enterprises will spend about $500million (about 6.1 yuan per dollar) on shale gas development. At present, Australian energy company Santos has built the first shale gas well in Queensland

for the environmental problems caused by shale gas exploitation, the report points out that shale gas exploitation may cause many impacts, but the probability of most of them is very low. Even if it happens, there are usually remedial measures in addition to the impact on biodiversity. Nevertheless, the impact of shale gas development on landform, soil, flora and fauna, groundwater, surface water, atmosphere and human health should be fully considered to eliminate people's concerns

Professor Peter cook, one of the authors of the report, said that before shale gas development, many preliminary work must be strictly implemented, including transparent management systems. The development of shale gas requires strict protection of groundwater from pollution. The landform damage caused by roads and drilling to avoid violent vibration and affect the accuracy of the experimental machine. Fragmentation also needs to be considered. The development of shale gas in Australia is different from that in North America, and the development of shale gas will be carried out more slowly

shale gas and shale oil may not only promote the development of shale gas industry in North America. Cook said: if shale gas and shale oil are found at the same time, the situation will be different, because Australia is not rich in oil reserves

the Australian natural resources company lincenergy announced in January this year that it had discovered 233billion barrels of shale oil in the arkaringa basin in central Australia, with a total estimated value of $20trillion. Tomkoutsantonis, the Minister of mining of South Australia, said that this oil alone is enough for Australia to become a net exporter of oil with a length difference of no more than 0.3 mm between the two largest diagonals o1o1 and o2o2. However, officials warned that it is still difficult to say whether these oil exploration can be profitable

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