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Protection of intellectual property rights Anhui Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce cracked down on trademark infringement

it was learned from the press conference held by the provincial government yesterday afternoon that Anhui province continued to carry out in-depth market rectification activities for means of living and production in the second half of the year, and trademark intellectual property protection is one of the two key tasks

Xiang Anqi, spokesman of Anhui Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce, pointed out that Anhui Province will continue to strengthen law enforcement, and the main content is to strictly investigate and deal with trademark infringement cases. Focus on investigating and dealing with violations of the exclusive rights of others' trademarks mentioned in Article 52 of the trademark law; Counterfeiting others' registered trademarks; Take the way of flower picking and wood moving, arrange and combine multiple trademarks together or other "near famous brands" behavior; Goods with registered trademarks and simple workmanship are shoddy, shoddy and deceiving consumers

in order to promote the in-depth case work, Anhui province carried out three centralized rectification actions in the second half of the year. First, from mid July to mid September, we will launch a centralized action to investigate and deal with food and drug trademark cases and foreign-related trademark cases; Second, from mid September to mid November, 286 glass balls for automatic fire extinguishing systems were used to investigate and deal with cases of infringement of well-known trademarks, certification trademarks and collective trademark patents; Third, from the middle of November to the middle of December, we will carry out a centralized action to put the required columns into the slots and investigate and deal with the illegal printing, purchase and use of false packaging, false logos and false trademarks

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