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This year's "May Day" Ruiming doors and windows put "four" for love! Here is a "May Day" gift bag from Ruiming windows and doors, waiting for you to check it in person

today is the 28th, and the May Day holiday is coming soon

I'm a little excited when I think about it

this year's "May Day" Ruiming doors and windows are "four" for love

there are surprises every day during the four-day holiday

are you all planning to travel

don't hurry to start

here is a "May Day" gift bag from Ruiming doors and windows,

waiting for you to check it in person

may day benefits are coming,

Ruiming stores nationwide linkage, are you ready for your small purse

5-fold discount 1 choice

activity time: April 28, 2019-may 20, 2019



pre deposit 100 yuan to reserve the gauge, which can add value to 999 yuan! (Note: each household is only limited to pre deposit of 100 yuan, and cannot be superimposed)



low price, limited quantity, popular models, crazy grab! Factory sales crazy

it's time to fight for speed! Aluminum alloy urban fashion L65 series, 999 yuan/㎡ crazy rush, limited to 10 households, first come, first served, just after the rush. (Note: open +999 yuan/fan, and the installation and transportation expenses are calculated separately)



million fuel cards! If you dare to buy it, we dare to give it away

during the activity period from April 28 to May 20, 2019, the fuel card will be given in proportion to the actual payment amount of the order! Limited quantity, first come, first served



you can draw red envelopes when you enter the store. It's time to fight for your luck

customers who make an appointment with a measuring stick during the event, enter the store to see the plan, and then they can receive a red envelope, 100% winning



Ruiming doors and windows are guarded by love, and the owners only enjoy the group purchase

in order to give the owners of the new home the greatest discount and convenience, the activity really benefits the owners, and the group purchase enjoys the discount

a choice

45 seconds will take you to experience good doors and windows. Ruiming doors and windows are more suitable for Chinese families! It's right to choose Ruiming for high-quality home life

"Ruiming windows and doors give back, just for you who are busy on the way of life." What are you waiting for? Go to Ruiming store and have a look




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