Problems needing attention in autumn decoration

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Although the cool autumn is the most suitable season for decoration, the climate during this period is dry, wood panels are not easy to regain moisture, and coatings and paints are also easy to dry

although cool autumn is the most suitable season for decoration, the climate during this period is dry, wood panels are not easy to regain moisture, and coatings and paints are also easy to dry. Experts remind: although it is good to be cool in autumn, it is necessary to prevent "autumn dryness". If the decoration process is excessively ventilated, it is easy to have problems

avoid strong ventilation of wood: the climate is dry in autumn. Experts suggest that after the wood is transported to the decoration site, it should not be placed at the vent, and the oil sealing treatment should be done on the surface as soon as possible. Because if the wood used in construction is placed in a well ventilated place, the temperature and humidity on both sides of the wood will be different, and the nature will become unstable, and the moisture in the wood will also be lost quickly, causing surface cracks, small cracks and other phenomena

for the wood line used as trimming, the treatment method is the same. The wood line is solid wood texture, and the moisture content is higher than that of the decorative panel. The surface of the wood line should also be sealed as soon as possible after processing. If the moisture in the wood line is lost, the wood line will shrink, which may also affect the appearance of the decorative panel

wall treatment increases humidity: in order to avoid wall paint heave and cracking, brush a wall at one go; When painting, wait for the primer to dry out, and then brush it for the second time; After brushing, it is best to dry in the shade to avoid direct sunlight and wind to prevent cracking. In summer, because the air is humid, doors and windows are opened for ventilation in order to make the wall dry as soon as possible. In autumn, the climate is dry. If doors and windows are opened at this time, and the newly painted wall is dried by the "draught", the wall will shrink and deform due to rapid water loss. Therefore, it is best to let the wall dry naturally in the shade, and only a small amount of wind is left indoors for air circulation during the drying process

if the weather is very dry, then in the process of laying kitchen and bathroom wall tiles, a procedure of watering and humidifying the wall surface should also be added, so as to reduce the occurrence of hollow heave of tiles

the ventilation time should be in the morning and evening: the autumn is high and crisp, and the weather is dry, which is very suitable for the release of harmful gases, while the air mobility is strong, which will make the indoor odor smell less obvious. In addition, the release of harmful substances has a certain period, so it is recommended that you wait for half a month to one month before moving in, even if there is no smell in the room

during this period, you can open windows appropriately for ventilation, and the best time is in the morning and evening, because at noon, the air humidity is relatively small and dry, which is easy to cause cracking of wood, wall paint, etc. In addition, if the wind is strong, you also need to pay attention to the method of opening windows, and try to avoid the formation of a violent draught indoors

don't rush to repair cracks: in summer, the air humidity is high, and the water contained in walls, floors and wooden furniture is relatively large. With the change of seasons, the temperature and humidity are different, and some problems are likely to occur in indoor decoration. For example, due to different materials and different shrinkage rates, cracks may appear between the wall and the door frame, which are normal phenomena in the seasonal transformation

experts suggest that for items requiring maintenance, such as seasonal cracks on the wall, do not rush to repair immediately. Cracking indicates that the water in the wall is gradually volatilizing. If it is repaired at this time, the water continues to volatilize, and the wall may still continue to crack. If you wait until the water in the wall is in balance with the outside world, and then repair, the effect is better




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