Decoration process of blank room

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1、 Choose decoration company 1 Understand the design process of decoration company

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1. Choose a decoration company

1 Understand the design process of decoration company

2. Look at the model room

3. Put forward requirements to the decoration company

4. Understand the charging and pricing methods of decoration companies

5. Repeatedly compare and select the appropriate decoration company

II. Decoration scheme negotiation

1 Sign the commissioned design contract (preliminary discussion)

(1) the decoration company makes field measurement records

(2) the decoration company provides the preliminary plan of plane and top surface

(3) communication and finalization of preliminary design scheme

2. Full set of scheme design (in-depth discussion)

(1) the decoration company provides engineering design details

(2) communication and finalization of design details

(3) draw up the list of building materials

3. Discussion and finalization of building materials and budget (detailed discussion)

(1) discuss the applicability of building materials

(2) confirm the project budget

(3) determine the building materials table

III. signing of decoration contract

1 Confirmation of project budget

2. Formally sign the decoration contract

3. Pay part of the decoration expenses

IV. decoration construction

1 Start of construction

(1) start construction on the date of signing the contract

(2) on site guidance of designers, constructors and hydropower specialists

2. Formal construction

(1) material distribution site

(2) construct according to the drawing

(3) appoint a special person to supervise the work or supervise the work in person

(4) designer on-site coordination

(5) completion inspection and issuance of quality assurance card by decoration company

v. resident acceptance (please assign a person or in person) and renovation stage





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