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The packaging of agricultural products has stepped into the creative era

a song "boasting local products" has been sung for many years, and Shanxi's famous and characteristic agricultural products are well known throughout the country. However, in today's fierce market competition, in order to make Shanxi special products sell more and further, in addition to ensuring product quality, we also need to make a fuss on packaging. It is undeniable that there are still some misunderstandings in the packaging of agricultural products: they are either plain faced and listed in bulk, or they are extremely luxurious and one-sided pursuit of gorgeous appearance. Neither of them can help to establish the market image of agricultural products with Shanxi characteristics, nor can they help agricultural products to shine a brand in the market. Creativity is needed to make the packaging of characteristic agricultural products more quality and connotation. This is why the third China (Shanxi) special agricultural products trade fair has set up a special exhibition of brand packaging creativity of special agricultural products. The signal of this exhibition is very clear: special PCU is more stable under medical conditions, and the packaging of color agricultural products has entered a new era of creativity

a. should we work hard on the packaging of agricultural products

on October 30, I saw in a large supermarket in the provincial capital that the carrots sold in bulk were 1.9 yuan per kilogram, while the brand carrots pasted with trademarks and slightly decorated in the freezer window at the side were sold for 5.38 yuan per kilogram, including the recyclable iron and steel process technology to improve the efficiency of resource and energy utilization and emission reduction; Ecological non blast furnace ironmaking technology has more than doubled its value without packaging

this phenomenon seems to be becoming more and more common: in the past, apples with a few yuan in a snake skin bag are now printed with calligraphy and paintings on the fruit surface and packed into exquisite boxes. A dozen apples can be sold for hundreds of yuan; Xiaomi, which looks exactly the same, has a very different price between retail and boxed. In the face of this phenomenon, the attitude of consumers is divided into two. Some people think that things are bad, so they sell them in packaging! Others believe that only after packaging can agricultural products be more hygienic and safer

should agricultural products be packaged? At the 2013 Hainan Provincial Seminar on the internationalization of agricultural product packaging, the participating scholars proposed that the core task of agricultural practitioners in the new era is to turn agricultural products into commodities, and packaging is an important medium to commercialize products, enhance added value and competitiveness

yangshiping, deputy director of the provincial famous and high-quality product development center, believes that although Shanxi's agriculture is small and excellent, weak and special, it has many unique advantages, including the tribute of that year. However, due to the lack of packaging and promotion, many products are not known by foreign consumers, let alone how to sell. The packaging and promotion of agricultural products has become an important part of industrial development

there is no doubt about the role of packaging. Why do consumers have different views on it? The survey found that the current characteristic agricultural product packaging has gone into a misunderstanding. At present, the packaging of many agricultural products in the market is either too particular or too rough. Some agricultural products blindly pursue the high-grade packaging materials and emphasize the gorgeous appearance. The words and patterns exaggerate the actual quality of the products. After consumers open the packaging, they are disappointed and disgusted with this kind of agricultural products. Some agricultural products are too low-key. Although the quality is very good, the outer packaging has no visual impact, and the words and patterns are disordered. The so-called first-class quality and third-class packaging are difficult to establish a distinct brand image

they don't pay attention to the packaging. In return, consumers don't buy it. Yangshuangrong, a resident of the provincial capital, has his own opinion: of course, packaging is beyond reproach. The key is that some businesses can't package at all. For example, some people dare to sell ordinary moon cakes for thousands of yuan in a cardboard box, which I never buy

b. how to package characteristic agricultural products

how to package Shanxi characteristic agricultural products to build brands and expand markets

in the middle of October, I took this question into the creative exhibition hall of featured agricultural products brand packaging of the third featured Agricultural Expo to try to find the answer. Yanxuchen, one of the organizers of the exhibition and the chief designer of Shanxi International Cultural Exchange Center, answered this question

yanxuchen said that products are the carrier for enterprises to realize various interests, and the value of products consists of two parts. One part is the use value of products, that is, the quality of products, which can only be perceived by consumers after use; The other part is the brand and product selling point value conveyed through packaging design, which is realized by guiding consumers' psychological feelings through graphic hints. Therefore, good packaging design can not only effectively spread product information, but also enhance the brand image of products. So we must pay attention to packaging design, and pay attention to the use of new packaging design concepts and methods. For example, we should make good use of the relationship between regional symbols, humanistic culture, contemporary celebrities, brand symbols and products

yanxuchen has won the world star packaging design award, the highest award in the global design industry, awarded by the United Nations World Packaging Organization (WPO). His masterpieces include Guanyun Pingyao beef and other brands we are familiar with. He likes to talk about the process of packaging design to help a jujube processing enterprise win the market

in the packaging design, he first strengthened the good quality of the product with the word Gong jujube in the product name; On the packaging screen, highlight the theme related to tribute, select the symmetrical red and yellow structure, red symbolizes the palace wall, yellow symbolizes the Golden Summit, and then create a picture of royal life full of historical imagination through the level and composition of the screen. Because the quality of the sensor determines the accuracy and force stability of the experimental machine, it conveys the flavor of Royal use. The packaging is embellished with English, showing the characteristics of the times of modern products. Finally, a packaging design with rich cultural connotation and strong visual impact will create a noble, fashionable and healthy product quality. After such a packaging, the small enterprise that was on the verge of bankruptcy signed a sales order of 10million yuan at one fell swoop when it participated in the national sugar and Wine Fair for the first time

c. the soul of packaging lies in creativity

in yangshiping's view, creative design and brand packaging are the development direction of modern agriculture. He said: Agricultural branding is an important symbol of modern agriculture, and the process of building a brand of agricultural products is the process of realizing the value-added of agricultural products. Only through the concept of brand originality, packaging design and marketing can we promote the concretization of the brand construction of agricultural products in our province

relevant experts pointed out that there should be targeted solutions to the defects in the packaging design of characteristic agricultural products in our province. First of all, we should improve the understanding of producers and operators on the packaging design of agricultural products. We should not be blindly confident, stick to the good wine and fear the deep alleys, nor should we take advantage of opportunism, over packaging and exaggerate the product quality

secondly, we should introduce and cultivate specialized talents in packaging design, improve the level of packaging design with creativity, and establish the brand of Shanxi agricultural products. The packaging creative exhibition held in the third Special Agricultural Expo is to enhance the impact of the creative exhibition with the help of the strength of the Agricultural Expo and jointly enhance the creative design industry of agricultural product brand packaging in Shanxi

pay attention to relevant reports. Hainan, Fujian and other provinces and cities have held seminars related to packaging creativity and innovation this year. Hainan Province plans to set up relevant institutions to vigorously support the creative design of agricultural product packaging, formulate the printing and packaging standards of agricultural products in the whole province, and accelerate the pace of agricultural Branding Construction in the whole province through the demonstration of leading enterprises

the creative design industry of agricultural product brand packaging in our province rose in 2010 and is still in its infancy. After three years of development, the industry has made positive contributions to the development of new characteristic agricultural products and the enhancement of product added value. However, there are still some problems in the development, such as lack of high-end talents, lagging market information, lack of supporting industries and so on, which still need further exploration and efforts

yanxuchen believes that at present, China has gathered a huge talent resource of packaging designers, and there is an urgent need for a region with a strong industrial foundation to undertake dreams and realize values. As an important production base of small cereals in China, our province is the most popular birthplace of ecological green products in first tier cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. However, there is still a significant gap between the brand image of agricultural products and the fashion of these cities in the printing prototype. Only by strengthening cooperation and exchanges with professional institutions in the creative design industry and further strengthening the innovation awareness of enterprise subjects, can our province effectively promote the innovation of agricultural product brand design and packaging technology, and accelerate the pace of agricultural transformation and upgrading in the province

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