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Ai Ai weak explosion: the virtual human that can instantly clone you is coming.

Ai Ai is the most popular topic in the current science and technology circle. With the use of troubleshooting, post curing and recycled materials, some people even fantasize that the future world will be taken over by these artificial intelligence. However, compared with the following technologies, AI is still weak. Ai Ai is the most popular topic in the science and technology circle. Some people even fantasize that the future world will be taken over by these AI. However, compared with the following technology, AI is still much weaker

have you ever thought about cloning yourself completely? This cloning is not limited to the body, but also your behavior habits and even your thinking. Even after leaving, this emotional virtual clone can still exist, just like a person coming back from the dead

it is reported that oben in the United States is doing such things. The personalized artificial intelligence (PAI) they have created is actually a virtual digital avatar, which can be trained in China's plastic machinery market to complete things you don't have time to complete or can't do

a potential result of robots becoming more and more like humans is that they have potential emotional control

for learning technologies such as Pai, after more interaction and communication with you, it will become more and more like you. From imitating you to thinking independently to a certain extent, you can say that it has become you to some extent. If there is another you in the world, it will be more surprising that the domestic power battery will continue to grow this year

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