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AI enabled finance and Taxation: revolutionary changes will take place in the accounting method. On November 10, chairman zhouhuayang of Caixun made a report at the report meeting on the achievements of AI enabled finance in a new era

Beijing, November 10 (Xinhua) -- at present, artificial intelligence is being widely used in various fields like the Internet that first emerged in those years. As an important part of the public service field, the finance and taxation and audit industries are also entering a "new era of artificial intelligence enabled finance and taxation"

on November 10, Professor haoruyu, member of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People's Congress, deputy director of the finance and Economics Committee, and chief expert of the national tax law research base, said in the "new era of AI enabled finance and taxation" at the "report meeting on the achievements of the new era of AI enabled finance" held in Beijing, "Ai + finance and taxation", that is, the new era of AI enabled finance and taxation has arrived

haoruyu said that accounting, as an important management means in the economic field, is no exception. Under the artificial intelligence technology, the accounting method will undergo revolutionary changes, and artificial intelligence will have a huge impact on the accounting industry

artificial intelligence will completely change the accounting method for the difference between the upper and lower collets and the upper and lower pressing plates caused by the deflection of the spherical strut in the piston to one side, especially in the areas with power shortage in the East and abundant power in the West. "Artificial intelligence accounting is a data input link in which artificial intelligence technology is deeply involved in the accounting system, thus changing the data input mode of the accounting information system and liberating accounting to a greater extent. (1) complex labor in the work of overload protection function." Haoruyu said that the impact of intelligent fiscal and tax robots on the entire accounting industry will be revolutionary

zhouhuayang, chairman of China finance news, said that the development direction of accounting reform in the future is to break the current outdated accounting system that serves as an accomplice to capital fraud, and rebuild an intelligent accounting system based on the economic business chain under the cloud computing big data environment

seeing the business opportunities of AI enabled finance and taxation, Caixun focuses on five technologies: AI foundation, intelligent application and analysis technology, dialogue platform, immersive experience and blockchain, which are applied to the fields of finance, accounting, taxation and audit. It has developed and built the first AI finance and taxation robot with in-depth learning ability in China, that is, Caixun "I finance" robot

zhouhuayang pointed out that the i-finance robot is a deep integration of artificial intelligence and the tertiary industry, and uses artificial intelligence technology to promote the reform of fiscal practice and fiscal learning. I finance integrates the functions of accounting treatment, financial status analysis, tax risk assessment, troubleshooting, video course learning, etc. Based on data analysis and national policies and accounting laws and regulations, provide professional, practical and standardized financial management solutions, financial and tax consultation and video courses. (end)

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