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Will agricultural subsidies be greatly adjusted? You may be able to get more of these subsidies. Too many inaccuracies. In addition to the impact of weather changes on the harvest, even if the varieties of agricultural products come out, it also depends on the market. If the market has an oversupply, the agricultural products can only rot in the ground, and a year's hard work will be wasted

now growing food in the field has a long return cycle, and there is no hope for a long time. Therefore, let's take a look at the agricultural subsidies prepared by the state for us, which is indeed a reliable guarantee

the "13th five year plan" for the development of the national rural economy issued by the national development and Reform Commission has changed the agricultural subsidy policy, defining five directions for future development

1. Subsidies are linked to farmers

most of the current agricultural subsidies are linked to the scale. For example, no matter how much wheat he harvests, he can get many subsidies depending on how many mu of wheat he grows. That is, he can get subsidies regardless of the output, so a variety of subsidies is not enough

this is the root of the problem, which is very helpful for the next step of enterprise development. China's agricultural subsidies should be measured by the actual output

the document proposed to implement direct income subsidies for farmers, and now it has begun to try to implement ● the author thinks that the key of micromillr technology lies in alloy and casting machine construction. In the future, no matter whether we are planting or breeding, we should not blindly pursue the scale. We should see how much we really produce. Only how much we harvest can we get more subsidies

2. Focus on supporting new agricultural entities

the subsidies are becoming more and more targeted. More agricultural products are needed and less agricultural products are not needed. Focus on supporting new business entities such as large grain growers

3. The ability to protect cultivated land

there is a lack of high-quality cultivated land when China's amplifiers conduct regular experiments. The document of the national development and Reform Commission proposes to combine the direct subsidies for grain farmers, the subsidies for improved varieties and the subsidies for agricultural means of production into agricultural support and protection subsidies, focusing on protecting and supporting the protection of cultivated land and the improvement of grain production capacity

urbanization has caused the phenomenon of land abandonment, so it is more necessary to combine subsidies so that farmers with the right to contract can enjoy direct subsidies. It is conducive to invigorating land circulation and long-term healthy development of population and environment. So this is a far sighted event

4. The document of the national development and Reform Commission proposed that in the future, the varieties of agricultural insurance should not only be extended to agricultural products insurance, fishery insurance, facility agricultural insurance, agricultural machinery insurance and other sub categories, but also support innovative income insurance, weather index insurance and other varieties. We should not let agricultural insurance exist in name only. Such a good guarantee, let's open our hands and do it boldly

5. In recent years, the state has been vigorously promoting the development and transformation of the plastic recycling granulator industry. According to the 13th five year plan for the development of the national rural economy, after the reform of the corn collection and storage system, the income of corn planting in the advantageous production areas has been basically stable. It can be predicted that the corn security system will be further improved in the future. In addition, the minimum price purchase policy for rice and wheat will also continue, and there will basically be no big change. "

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