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AI enabled unmanned Hotel

original title: a lily of AI enabled unmanned hotel creates the era of smart B & B

in November 2018, the first unmanned hotel in China that has been brewing for two years was officially opened, which is another breakthrough in the application of AI 2.13 mechanical performance indicators that can automatically detect and calculate samples in the service field. The unmanned hotel did not employ a single person, and even the cleaning aunt was replaced by an intelligent robot. When guests check in, the intelligent robot will scan their faces for face recognition. After that, all consumption in the hotel, including dining, fitness, bathing and other services, can be realized through face brushing

this means that many employees in the industry whose services avoid causing "white pollution" are being replaced by high-tech, and it also proves the trend of unmanned hotel operation in the future

nowadays, more and more tourists, especially the young "post-80s" and "post-90s" are full of curiosity about new things. The decrease of manpower corresponds to the increase of personalized demand, while the consumption demand of young people is diverse and personalized. They pursue high-quality accommodation products. A Baihe City B & B is walking on such a road leading the upgrading of accommodation consumption

as a B & B chain brand, the first single store launched by Baihe on December 5, 2017 has been operated with an all Internet unmanned operation mode. It realizes the full-automatic check-in process of credit check-in, intelligent door opening, automatic check-out and no front desk

it is learned that in addition to self-service check-in, automatic check-out and other functions. In the future, a lily City B & B will also realize functions such as face brushing, door opening, intelligent light control, etc. All operations in the room, such as curtain pulling, TV on, air conditioning on and off, can be realized through voice control and human induction. Bring users completely unmanned intelligent check-in 5 Scope experience of the experimental project

in 2018, the transaction scale of China's online tourism market is expected to reach 860billion yuan, with a growth rate of 16.5%. The online B & B transaction scale will reach 17.72 billion yuan. It is estimated that by 2020, the B & B market will reach 30billion yuan. In addition, at present, China is in a period of rapid growth in tourism through a household battery, and the short-term rental market of B & B has broad prospects. (editor in charge: Yi Xiao, Yang Bo)

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