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Join hands with SABIC Battenfeld to show the green extrusion production line

recently, Battenfeld Cincinnati, together with its partner labotek plastic machinery in Denmark and Saudi Basic Industries, held an equipment demonstration in batten aoinhausen, Germany, to show that the company has made substantial progress in reducing energy consumption of machines in recent years

it is reported that under the same circumstances, if the complete production line of Barton Phil Cincinnati for this demonstration is selected, the power cost alone can be saved by 300000 euros based on 7000 working hours per year. Its huge energy savings mainly come from uniex extruders and Solex extruders, as well as special helix die heads, of which more than 60% involve new chemical materials. Vsi-t+ and EAC (high efficiency air cooling) internal cooling systems, and everyone has a clear and green pipe downstream equipment

Mr. Andreas t ü rk, sales director of Barton Phil Cincinnati pipe extrusion business department, welcomed 75 guests to visit and introduced the pipe extrusion equipment

uniex series single screw extruder adopts AC instrument to enter the parameter setting interface, and the flow motor is equipped with air-cooled frequency converter, which makes the extrusion equipment quite energy-saving; Barton filcinnati improved helixvsi-t, focusing on energy consumption, and improved the quality of pipes; The Barton Phil Cincinnati extrusion line is also equipped with downstream equipment of green pipes with green cooling system, including variable-frequency controlled vacuum pumps and water pumps, making the equipment run more efficient and energy-saving

in addition, Barton Phil Cincinnati and labotek Plastic Machinery Co developed a drying system with internal air cooling of EAC, which can save 89% of energy; Saudi Basic Industries Corporation has developed a new PE formula, which is specially used for the extrusion production of energy-efficient pipes. Compared with the traditional PE-100 formula, the energy required for melting and processing in the extruder is much less

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