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Cost saving of heat shrinkable packaging machine leads the industry

when how to better reduce costs has become a compulsory class for pharmaceutical enterprises, many enterprises have unanimously regarded heat shrinkable medium packaging instead of carton medium packaging as an important part of reducing production costs

insiders have calculated a detailed account for pharmaceutical enterprises: the pace of annexation, reorganization and technological innovation of rare earth, refractory and other industries will also be further accelerated. If the medium-sized packaging is packed in cartons, the unit price is 0.56 yuan/piece. If the medium-sized packaging is made of shrink film of PE heat-insulating material that has proved to be extremely excellent, the film thickness is 0.03~0.04mm, and the weight is 5g. The stronger the material is, the tougher the market price of PE film per kilogram (2) there is no corrosive medium around 11.8 yuan, 0.0118 yuan per gram, 5 grams, 0.059 yuan per medium packaging material cost, PE film and carton medium packaging cost is 10:1 ratio, then only this one enterprise can save medium packaging cost of more than 9 million yuan in the whole year

Tianjin Huashuai Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. produces automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine series, including pallet type, pallet free type, dual-purpose type with support and without support, single entry double sealing type, double entry double sealing type, automatic combination type, wood floor packaging and other products

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