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The glass of shower room is white crystal glass

when all kinds of exquisite shower room products are gradually loved by consumers, the self explosion problem of tempered glass in shower room has been puzzling consumers. So, how to make the shower glass safer? This is a focus of social concern. Some experts said that the self explosion of tempered glass cannot be avoided, but the self explosion rate of tempered glass can be reduced to 1 in 10000 by using new products such as white crystal glass, which fundamentally solves the problem of self explosion of tempered glass. At present, the self explosion rate of ordinary tempered glass is ‰, while that of white crystal glass is only 0. Therefore, white crystalline glass is the lowest and safest glass in the world at present

Xu Wuyi, an expert of wangwenyong Industrial Glass Association of China building glass and DSM and the technical director of engineering glass of CSG group, pointed out that although the self explosion of tempered glass cannot be avoided, the self explosion rate of white crystal glass produced by special process can be greatly reduced. "After the ordinary white glass is hardened, a microcomputer sends a beam movement command according to the value set before the experiment. The self explosion rate of the universal experimental machine is 3 ‰ -5 ‰, while the white crystal glass is a highly transparent low iron glass. Due to less impurities, the self explosion rate can be reduced to less than 0.1 ‰."

white crystal glass adopts the world-class magnetic beneficiation process to remove impurities such as iron and nickel from raw materials. The composition is more uniform, the glass structure is more stable, and the self explosion rate is 10 times lower than that of ordinary tempered glass, thus making the shower room safer. At the same time, through aviation grade float deep processing, through the test of low temperature and high temperature resistance, white crystal glass has the advantages of acid resistance, corrosion resistance, mold resistance and durability compared with ordinary tempered glass without reducing the light transmittance

in view of the high-quality and multifunctional characteristics of white crystal glass, many well-known buildings use white crystal glass, such as Beijing bird's nest, water cube, Chinese History Museum, National Grand Theater and so on. Leiberton shower room is the only enterprise in the industry that adopts white crystal glass for its full range of products

white crystal glass is not only the best choice for large buildings, but also the best choice for shower rooms

it brings more opportunities to enterprises like Ashland all over the world

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