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Show you the prospect of purified water equipment from technology to operation

Abstract: if you really encounter the failure of purified water equipment, the operator should take corresponding countermeasures. When the primary conductivity value is high, the fouling of the membrane can be considered. At this time, the RO membrane can be treated, and it can be cleaned, started, stopped, washed or replaced

medical water treatment technology is becoming more and more mature with the development of the industry, and the related medical purified water equipment has also received more attention from pharmaceutical enterprises. The author learned that in the whole process of pharmaceutical production, purified water is generally used for vaccines, injections, cleaning and other purposes, and special purified water equipment is needed for water production. Therefore, in order to ensure the high quality of the production process, the purified water equipment should meet higher and stricter requirements

for example, the design requirements of purified water system. As far as the current technologies for preparing purified water are concerned, they generally include microfiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, carbon adsorption, ultrafiltration, etc. The author learned that although GMP has no rigid regulations on the water production process of purified water, it actually has strict requirements on the microbial breeding and pollution of purified water. From the current situation, many manufacturers still have some defects in the prevention of microbial breeding and pollution of purified water equipment

in order to ensure the quality of water quality and water volume requirements after water treatment, develop corresponding water quality treatment schemes, reduce costs and improve benefits for customers, Shanghai binrun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. continues to absorb international advanced water treatment technology, and innovatively develops purified water equipment suitable for domestic water quality standards. It is reported that since its establishment, the enterprise has been paying attention to industry standards and market demand, the production scale has been expanding, the product quality has become increasingly excellent, and the after-sales service has become increasingly perfect, so as to provide customers with high-performance medical purified water equipment

some experts analyzed the current development status of purified water equipment: the purified water produced by purified water equipment is the highest standard effluent in the current water treatment industry. At present, the number of enterprises using purified water equipment is also increasing. It can be predicted that the development prospect of purified water equipment in the future is infinite

purified water equipment not only has unlimited development prospects, but also the equipment technology is constantly upgrading. It is reported that reverse osmosis is a modern new purified water treatment technology. With the popularization of this technology, reverse osmosis membrane treatment technology is gradually adopted for purified water equipment in the market, and it is constantly improved and innovated

from this point of view, the development trend of purified water equipment is still relatively optimistic, and under the increasingly severe situation of environmental protection, purified water equipment will also usher in new benefits. However, we need to be reminded that we still need to pay attention to some safety precautions in daily operation of purified water equipment. The following two aspects are listed

influent source of medical purified water equipment system. The raw water used in the purified water system of the pharmaceutical industry generally comes from the urban groundwater. Because it cannot be guaranteed to be absolutely free from pollution, the manufacturer needs to select the pre filtration protection device according to the quality of the customer's pipeline water supply to prevent the pollution from damaging the key components of the purified water system

installation site of medical purified water equipment system. According to the introduction of relevant manufacturers, the medical purified water equipment system should be installed in a clean laboratory as far as possible to ensure that its ultra pure water production water is not secondary polluted. In addition, the installation site should also be properly close to the upper and lower water pipelines to keep the installation site ventilated and dry and avoid sunlight. The medical purified water equipment system should also be installed where the power supply is stable. If it is unstable, when the load cannot rise again, it is likely to have an adverse impact on the system function, and in serious cases, it will burn the system motherboard, causing potential safety hazards

if the purified water equipment fails, the operator should take corresponding countermeasures. When the primary conductivity value is high, the fouling of the membrane can be considered. At this time, the RO membrane can be treated, cleaned or replaced. When the primary water flow is low, it may be that the primary booster pump cannot pressurize and needs to be repaired. It may also be that the security filter core is blocked and the security filter element needs to be replaced. When water overflows from the new thinking tank of raw water, the high water level switch of the raw water tank may be damaged, and the operator needs to repair and replace the water level switch

while the purified water equipment brings us convenience, we will also encounter the problem of large or small temperature rise of the experimental plate in actual operation. The author only listed some problems above. If there are other faults, the operator should solve them pertinently according to the specific situation. It can't be solved. Contact relevant manufacturers in time to avoid delaying normal production

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