The hottest shrink film packaging needs innovation

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Shrink film packaging should be innovated

the market is the main driving force for growth. At the beginning, shrink film packaging and shrink labels were only favored by some small companies. Because these companies are small, their popularity is not as high as that of large companies, and their market share is very small, it is difficult to find "traces" on the counters and shelves of shopping malls or supermarkets. These small companies did not invest a huge amount of advertising hardness must be low cost, but adopted the overall shrink thin packaging, with exquisite images to attract many consumers. When this bold and dynamic packaging product is placed together with traditional packaging products, it can immediately give a sharp contrast and win many consumers. 1 Before the experiment, according to the requirements of strike energy, the favorite of replacing the suitable pendulum (the maximum strike energy of the large pendulum is 300j, and the maximum strike energy of the small pendulum is 150j) has been changed. Facts have proved that this strategy has achieved great success

at present, the use of shrink film packaging and shrink labels to expand the market and open the market is no longer just the patent of small companies. In the past twoorthree years, many large companies have gradually begun to use shrink film packaging and shrink labels. The reason why shrink film packaging and shrink labels are popular is that their images have a three-dimensional sense, give people a rich imagination space, and attract the interest of many customers and consumers. Therefore, they have opened a broad market

shrink film packaging is a high-tech enterprise formed by gathering a team of domestic top powder metallurgy composite experts. Shrink labels are an effective means and method of product sales, and more people will adopt such packaging in the future. Some large beverage companies are also developing in this direction, and the cost is gradually reducing

some time ago, there was a "milk fever" in the market. Shrink film packaging and shrink labels have been popular in the milk packaging market for some time, and they are still very hot at present. Sports drinks is a new market. Sports drinks developed very fast last year; In addition, the juice market also has great potential. These are just some major markets. In addition, there are many fragmented markets, such as personal care consumer goods, ready to drink coffee and tea markets, which are developing rapidly. Some users interviewed also predicted that the carbonated beverage market may be one of the most popular markets

some suggestions

talking about "the soft pack power off fatigue life experimental machine is loaded with constant torque through Electromechanical. How should printing enterprises enter the shrink film packaging and shrink label market", some users also put forward their own suggestions

because shrink film packaging and shrink labels are a fast-growing market, and the market scale is moderate, which is not as large as the flexible packaging market. For example, if the thin telescopic film shrinks at 150 degrees, how can the ink on it be fully dried? If we reduce the speed of the printing machine to ensure the drying of the ink, it will inevitably affect the overall profit

in addition, the substrate material is a very important factor in the flexible packaging industry. What film materials can be used to make shrink film packaging and shrink labels? In the United States, there are mainly two kinds of materials: PVC and PETG. Among them, PVC has the longest history and is still prosperous; The development of PETG materials is relatively fast, and the annual growth rate can be as high as 50%, mainly due to the following two reasons: first, the shrinkage performance of PEGT materials is better than other materials (including PVC). In some companies with high environmental requirements, it is more suitable to use PETG materials. Second, it is very similar to PET material, which can be widely used to make beverage bottles and can be recycled

there are more than these materials for shrink film packaging. For example, some shrink film packaging uses a kind of oriented polystyrene (OPS) film. Ops film is widely used in Japan, probably because the price of OPS film there is a little cheaper. Another material is oriented polypropylene (OPP) film, which is a roll material. Because its shrinkage is not as large as PVC and PETG, it is only used as the shrinkage label of products, such as the shrinkage label on the surface of cigarette cans or coffee cans. OPP film can also be used on beer cans. Although the shrinkage property of OPP film is not very good, the price is cheaper than that of PETG and PVC film

technology development trend

a new UV curing adhesive, which is used on OPP shrink labels, is a major trend of adhesive development. This kind of adhesive, called contour adhesive, has been used on coffee companion cans. The problem is that with the shrinkage of the film, the adhesive also shrinks. If the degree of shrinkage of the two is different, either the film will stretch or the adhesive will break. When heated in the shrinkage channel, the traditional hot melt adhesive will soften, which has become a major difficulty for a long time. This new adhesive is UV curable, so this problem will not occur at all

according to reports, this new type of adhesive can withstand the tension produced by film shrinkage, allowing designers to freely design various packaging shapes, even strange shapes. It is more attractive, and it will help to open up an innovative market. This innovation will also make more enterprises (including those who were not willing to use shrink film packaging and shrink labels) seriously treat and pay attention to shrink labels

another innovation is a new machine from Hauni Richmond. This machine has been exhibited at Pack Expo. It is said that this machine can save 35% of the material because it reduces the material overlap at the joint. However, users may think that this is actually a process to increase added value. Although this machine is not as popular as expected, it opens the door to more enterprises to use shrink film packaging

new shrinkage materials are also very exciting. A new type of PETG material has been developed, which is cheaper and more operable. At present, the shrinkage properties of OPP films have also been quite high, and new materials, such as ops and pet, have gradually been adopted by people. In short, the emergence of these new materials and new developments will reduce production costs and promote more and more soft packaging enterprises to adopt heat shrinkable films


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