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The shower room group standard forum of China Hardware Association made in China was held in Zhongshan. On September 17, the "China standard Zhongshan leading" shower room group standard forum of China Hardware Association was held in Fusha Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. More than 40 leading shower room enterprises in Zhongshan production area, such as lance, Rose Island, leiberton, Furui, shenglia, Kaili and deli, gathered in a 53mm high hall to jointly help the development of the shower room industry

in 2009, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province was awarded the title of China's shower housing industry manufacturing base. After ten years of development, the annual output value of Zhongshan shower housing industry cluster exceeded 10 billion yuan, accounting for 70% of the market share of China's high-end shower housing. "Made in Zhongshan, a good shower housing" is well-known in the industry. Industry development, standards first. At present, the structure, materials and processes of shower room products have undergone great changes, and product updates have accelerated with the international integration in the past few years. The existing standards have seriously lagged behind the actual situation of the industry and products, restricting the improvement of industry quality and the application of new materials and new technologies, and causing wrong interpretations and non professional guesses about product quality and risk sources, which is extremely detrimental to the healthy development of the industry. It has become the mainstream voice in the industry to formulate the group standard of "shower room" to control the main links of shower room

on the basis of QB, the standard optimizes the index requirements with reference to en and hot spots of consumer concern; All indicators and requirements of QB have been improved or refined; New edge sharpness test, sign wiping test, automatic door function requirements, room load-bearing safety test, explicit function inspection, laminated glass performance, physical and chemical indicators of aluminum alloy electrophoretic coating, water retaining stone performance, low-temperature cold brittleness of sealant strip, impact resistance of glass safety film, corrosion resistance of plastic parts, limit requirements for the use of hazardous substances in electronic components, signs, instructions, packaging, transportation Storage and other test requirements. Part of the content of this standard fills the gap of similar standards at home and abroad. The products produced by this standard can meet the requirements of QB and en at the same time, and can realize "the same line, the same standard and the same quality". The evaluation expert group agreed that the standard reached the international advanced level. The Zhongshan shower room group standard formulated this time is the process of Zhongshan shower room people standing in the global vision, integrating the deep insight of the Chinese market and the quality needs of consumption upgrading, and generally adopting high-quality medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel. Through specific indicators one by one, with rational thinking, in the form of numbers. Turn all technical parameters related to the quality of shower room into group standards in black and white. To guide and drive the upstream and downstream enterprises of the shower housing industry chain to jointly implement

"Chinese standards, Zhongshan leading" is the established goal of this group standard setting action, which aims to strengthen the benchmarking and demonstration role of the leading sanitary ware production area in China. It is the specific manifestation of the corresponding national "three product strategy" of the benchmarking enterprise of Zhongshan shower room enterprise, and taking the initiative to undertake the demonstration of industrial upgrading. "Surpassing Europe and the United States, leading the world" has become the consensus of the group standard formulation process. It is hoped that after the group standard is passed, local leading enterprises in Zhongshan will drive local enterprises to implement it within the year. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a system integrating warehousing, transportation, finance, trading, information, commerce and other functions. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the standard examination and approval meeting, a standard forum should be held in Zhongshan production area to discuss how to implement "group standards" through the way of "government + enterprises + industry associations", so that "made in Zhongshan, a good bathroom" can provide a strong quality guarantee, and realize the linkage development of enterprise brands and regional brands

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