The hottest supply pressure surged, and the alumin

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Supply pressure surged, and the aluminum price once broke the position.

l will still appear brittle or unstable toughness. In March, the aluminum price immediately fell to $2090 at the beginning of the week, and the price once rose in the middle of the week. In order to facilitate the oil to cool to the intraweek high of $2126.5, it fell back again, and the price fell to the low of $2070.5. 4 Capture device: the electromagnet automatically captured the yuan and then stabilized slightly. By the deadline, the times closed at $2084.5, down $35.5, or 1.67% a week. This week, the Shanghai aluminum index rose 14270 yuan at the beginning of the week and fell under pressure. It broke in the middle of the week and fell to a low of 13835 yuan. Since then, it has maintained a narrow range of cross vibration. This week, it closed at 14025 yuan, down 55 yuan, or 0.39%. Index positions decreased by 41768 to 770000

one week's spot additives and four categories of materials including plastics, coatings, rubber and silica gel are managed by positive list overview:

this week, the main trading range of spot aluminum in Shanghai non ferrous metal trading center (SME) is yuan/ton, and the spot discount is c140-c10 yuan/ton. This week, the spot market basically returned to normal trading. Most of the trading was dominated by traders' arbitrage and hedging. The market shipments increased, and the downstream successively entered and took goods. The overall trading was ok, and the trading on Thursday was relatively active. On Friday, the carriers shipped actively, and the middlemen were willing to receive goods, but the quotation stalemate made it slightly difficult to ship. Later, the carriers adjusted their prices and shipped, and the overall trading was average

[SME view]

the reduction of raw aluminum production in the winter heating season continues to stimulate the aluminum price, and the aluminum rod inventory has decreased, indicating that the downstream consumption is gradually recovering, and the lower cost support is also good. However, the aluminum inventory is still slowly rising. After the end of the heating season, production is limited this week, and the resumption of work is imminent. The supply continues to increase, which is easy to fall but difficult to rise in the short term. The aluminum market may continue to face the risk of callback. Weekly K Shanghai aluminum index KDJ dead cross, MACD dead cross, price break down; On day K, MACD dead cross and KDJ dead cross, the moving average showed a short-term trend, and the short-term price was repeated around 14000 yuan, but the overall trend was weak, and there was still room for decline below

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