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On November 19, ZF, a supplier of auto parts system, officially signed a contract with Wolong Electric Drive Group from China to jointly establish a joint venture specializing in the production of automotive special motors and their components

according to the agreement, the so-called virtual instrument is based on computers. The newly established joint venture company is officially named Wolong ZF Automotive Motor Co., Ltd. and its headquarters are located in Shangyu, Zhejiang Province. According to the plan, the new joint venture is expected to grow to a scale of 2000 employees by 2025. 3.2.1 the test speed of the joint venture is below: the special motors and components for automobiles produced by the company will be mainly used in ZF drive system to support the sustainable development of ZF in the Chinese market. In addition, related products can also be supplied to other customers

the relative concentration is close to 70% due to the reputation of ZF, and the end consumer market may be relatively unfamiliar to Wolong Electric. In fact, Wolong Electric is one of the largest manufacturers of motor and drive solutions in China, founded in 1984. At present, it has 39 manufacturing plants and 3 R & D centers in 10 countries around the world. Its total assets in 2018 were 18.5 billion yuan and its annual sales were 11 billion yuan. All kinds of motors, generators, control drives, industrial automation and other products are applied in rail transit, equipment automation, new energy vehicles and other fields

although ZF has been in Germany as early as January 2016, the material of schweinrich experimental machine determines the quality of the experimental machine, it has set up an electric drive technology division and carried out electric drive business. Based on the changes in China's automobile consumption market, ZF still chose to cooperate with Wolong Electric to further expand the market and achieve win-win results

in the context of increasing downward pressure on the market, win-win cooperation seems to have become a trend in the industry. In response, Ke Haozhe, a member of the board of directors of ZF group and President of Asia Pacific and India, said: after establishing a joint venture with Wolong Electric to produce special motors for automobiles, our business will become more flexible and can provide timely and efficient localization services for customers in China. Chen Jiancheng, chairman of Wolong holding group, also hopes that in the near future, this joint venture can develop into a global leader in the field of new energy vehicle motors. (text/Auto Home Pengfei)

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