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Tight supply methanol prices rose 16% in two weeks

affected by energy conservation and emission reduction, the main methanol production enterprises shut down and reduced production this week, resulting in tight methanol supply in a short time. The quotation of methanol in East China this week was 2760 yuan/ton, an increase of nearly 9% in a single week

the latest monitoring data disclosed by the industry organization CHEMCHINA yesterday showed that the benchmark price of methanol note: when the experimental machine has special requirements, it has increased by 400 yuan/ton in the past two weeks, or 16%. Later, companies such as Yuanxing energy confirmed the news

the price rise continues to rise

industry insiders said that with the extremely cold weather approaching this winter, methanol, as a substitute for conventional oil and gas resources, still has room for growth

according to the data, the benchmark price of methanol was about 2450 yuan/ton before the national day. As of the 18th, the price has risen to 2850 yuan/ton, with a rapid increase

other relevant data show that the domestic methanol price has risen rapidly by 280 yuan/ton in the past week alone. In addition, a quotation mastered by the industry shows that yesterday, the ex factory price of methanol in most places was more than 2600 yuan/ton, while the quotations of individual manufacturers such as Anhui Linquan and Daqing Oilfield were as high as 2900 yuan/ton and 3050 yuan/ton

"the market is really good recently." Insiders of Yuanxing energy, a major domestic methanol producer, told this newspaper yesterday that the flame temperature was extremely high. Methanol prices have been below 2000 yuan/ton for a long time in the past, and have jumped every few months in the past two months, with a considerable cumulative increase

he revealed that the current operating rate of the company has returned to normal. Previously, due to the weak market, the operating rate of methanol enterprises was generally maintained at a low level in combination with the supply and demand situation at home and abroad and the industrial development trend

it is learned that in the northwest region, due to the fact that some local enterprises' devices are still in the shutdown state, the supply of methanol is extremely tight, and some enterprises begin to close their plates and wait-and-see

methanol manufacturers raise prices

"higher international crude oil prices, lower operating rates of domestic units, insufficient supply, and good market trading atmosphere have all led to the continuous rise in methanol prices." Wang Min, an analyst of China chemical industry, predicts that the domestic methanol market will still have upward momentum in the short term, which will benefit listed companies whose main products are methanol, such as Yuanxing energy and Tianmao group

it was learned that due to the shortage of products, most domestic methanol manufacturers continued to raise prices from yuan/ton on the 19th

an analyst pointed out that the current demand for methanol is firm, especially the blending demand for dimethyl ether has supported the future market price. In his view, the industry generally believes that it is not only possible to conduct axial slow strain stress corrosion tests, but also that the coming winter will be colder than usual, which promotes the mixing demand of liquefied gas for dimethyl ether

"the break even point of domestic methanol manufacturers is yuan/ton. If prices continue to remain strong in the next two weeks, domestic manufacturers will be confident to further improve the operating rate." Traders in an industry added

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