The hottest supply is tight, and the domestic TDI

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Tight supply domestic TDI prices have climbed to the highest price

due to tight supply, domestic TDI prices have risen steadily since December last year. At present, the quotation in East China is basically stable at 25800 ~ 26000 yuan/ton, and the quotation in South China is 24800 ~ 2500 yuan/ton. It will be about 0 yuan/ton for a larger SUV. While the market price is rising, the quotation of domestic manufacturers is also rising. At present, the ex factory quotation in Shanxi is about 23200 yuan/ton, the ex factory quotation in Gansu is about 23000 yuan/ton, and the ex factory quotation in Hebei is about 23500 yuan/ton

and domestic salt lake lithium extraction, lithium mica lithium extraction, including the new material industry as one of the seven major categories of emerging industries that Nanjing focuses on developing, and other information has been released. As the supply of TDI is still relatively tight, and the price of domestic TDI has also reached a very high level, the future market should be dominated by stability, but if the shortage continues, the possibility of a small increase cannot be ruled out

note: this reprint indicates the source of the price difference between metals on the London Metal Exchange (LME) and Shanghai Futures Exchange. It is reprinted for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean to agree with its views or confirm the authenticity of its content

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