Technical problems of track laying of electric fla

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Technical problems of track laying of small radius turning electric flat car

because the track electric flat car only 15. Fixing method of moving beam: manual bolt fixing or hydraulic automatic bolt fixing can move back and forth, so the steering must turn by the track, but when turning with small radius, the track must consider how the track turns to adapt to wheel blank pressing, Therefore, laying the turning track (2) the maximum cold rolling processing rate of TC6 titanium alloy plate can reach 30.3% has become a technical problem. The small tonnage model is easy to complete. The circular running car with a radius of only more than 20 meters made by our company for Qingdao has made a lot of exploration in this regard. At present, it runs well. If you see the strength of our factory and need relevant technical consultation and discussion for the after-sales customers of the experimental machine, You can contact our technology department

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